Which passport queues should Brits use now that Brexit has happened?

Which passport queues should Brits use now that Brexit has happened?
Travellers line up in the non-EU passport queue at Stockholm's Arlanda airport. File photo: Fredrik Sandberg/TT
Brexit might have become reality last week, but Brits shouldn't experience any changes to travel within the EU until the end of the year. Here's a reminder of how travel during the transition period should work.

At midnight on January 31st, the UK entered the so-called “transition period”, during which negotiations on post-Brexit deals are set to take place. That period lasts until December 31st.

But up until then, British citizens still have freedom of movement within the EU. 

And at airports, Brits should use the EU passport queue rather than the non-EU or 'all passports queue'.

A press officer at Swedavia, which runs Sweden's larger airports, confirmed this to The Local.

It can't be ruled out that individual travellers will encounter officials who aren't aware of the rules, however. 

One British resident of Sweden reported his experience of using his UK passport at Stockholm's Arlanda airport early on Sunday morning, just over a day after the UK officially left the EU.

He was told he should join the non-EU passport queue, and added that the official he spoke to was unaware of the transition period.

While travelling within the EU, there will be no roaming charges on mobile phones and there are also no changes to driving rules (in other words, a British licence is valid in the EU and vice versa, with no requirement for an international driving permit).

As for what happens from December 31st, that all depends on what happens and what is agreed during the 11-month transition period.

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