Here’s what the weather should be like in Sweden for Midsummer this year

Here's what the weather should be like in Sweden for Midsummer this year
Some parts of the country will see showers, others have dry weather with a fire risk. File photo: Anna Hållams/
It's almost a tradition in Sweden that Midsummer, one of the year's major celebrations, is met with unseasonably rainy weather. But what can we expect this year?

So far, the forecasts suggest warm weather across the country, but with rain showers for those in southern Sweden. Almost all of the country is forecast warm temperatures for Friday, of 20-25C, though it will be slightly lower in the northernmost areas.

With Midsummer Eve now just days away, on Friday, the weather forecasts should be more reliable, but it's of course hard to know exactly when showers will come – and therefore, whether you should plan to have your midsummer meal inside or out.

In the southern parts of Götaland, rain is forecast for Friday, and even in central Norrland there may be smaller showers throughout the day.

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Apart from that, SMHI meteorologist Moa Hallberg told the TT newswire: “Most people will get some sun, so for the most part it looks like people will be able to be outside. In the north, it will mostly be sunny weather for the rest of the weekend.”

Whatever the weather, remember that the coronavirus situation means that you should still avoid large gatherings this Midsummer, preferably celebrating outdoors and only with a small number of close friends and family. 

And what's more, in large parts of Sweden that have seen warm and dry weather recently, there's a high risk of grass fires or wildfires, so if you're planning to have a barbecue, be extra careful and check if there are any local fire bans in place.

Swedish vocabulary

Midsummer – midsommar

rainy – regnig

outside – utomhus

weather forecast – (en) väderprognos

reliable – tillförlitlig

(rain) shower – (en) (regn)skur

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