Your ticket, please! Stockholm resumes crackdown on metro fare dodgers

Your ticket, please! Stockholm resumes crackdown on metro fare dodgers
Did you remember to swipe your travel card? Photo: Tomas Oneborg/SvD/TT
Stockholm public transport scrapped all ticket inspections during the corona epidemic. But they are now back.

From now on, be prepared to show you have got a valid ticket if you are travelling on Stockholm's metro. Public transport operator SL was set to reinstate ticket controls on Tuesday.

“This is a summer present to honest and conscientious Stockholmers,” said Kristoffer Tamsons, councillor in charge of traffic and a representative of the conservative Moderate Party in the Swedish capital region.

The ticket controls were put on hold in April to help curb the spread of infection during the coronavirus pandemic, and according to initial reports there has been an increase in people travelling without a ticket.


Do ticket inspections feel like a 'summer present' to you?

Negotiations between the labour union, SL and ISS which manages the ticket inspections in Stockholm, have now resulted in an agreement on how to carry them out in a safe way for the employees and passengers.

“Ticket controls are an important part of SL traffic. Without ticket controls, the backbone of the economy as well as safety disappears,” said Tamsons in a statement.

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Swedish vocabulary

ticket – (en) biljett

metro/underground – (en) tunnelbana

commuter train – (ett) pendeltåg

bus – (en) buss

labour union – (ett) fackförbund

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  1. To add from

    Get on the bus through the back doors and do not go to the bus driver to get the ticket. It still applies that everyone must have a valid ticket. You can buy a single ticket in the app. If you do not have the opportunity to buy a ticket in the app but have an SL card with travel cash that covers the price of a single ticket, you will not receive an additional fee for a possible ticket check.

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