The state of the coronavirus outbreak in Stockholm right now

The state of the coronavirus outbreak in Stockholm right now
People walking in central Stockholm in late October. Photo: Amir Nabizadeh/TT
The number of Covid-19 patients is growing in Stockholm hospitals, new figures show.

The figures come amid a general rise in people testing positive for coronavirus in several Swedish regions, including Stockholm, but also regions such as Skåne and Uppsala.

A total of 1,678 people have tested positive for coronavirus in Stockholm in the past four days (October 23rd-27th). That's an increase from 905 the same period last week, and follows a steady increase of infections in the Swedish capital region in recent weeks. Last week, 2,966 people tested positive – up from 1,657 the week before.

“It is increasing way too much. We don't want to see this large an increase. It's a 70 percent increase from week 42 to 43,” Stockholm acting infectious disease physician Maria Rotzén Östlund told the TT newswire about the weeks from October 12th to 25th.

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The number of people in hospital care is also increasing in Stockholm.

A total of 119 Covid-19 patients are currently being treated in emergency hospitals or geriatric care, according to the region's latest update. That's 34 more than the previous update (Friday last week). Of those, 14 are in intensive care, five more than in the last report from Stockholm.

“It is very important that everyone keeps doing what we have been nagging you about so much – keeping a physical distance. That's the best way of not getting infected,” said Rotzén Östlund, adding that although most of the new cases are people who have been tested for the coronavirus at home and therefore have mild symptoms, it is still serious.

“The increased number of cases increases the risk of more people getting seriously ill and ending up in hospital, and an increased risk of more people in intensive care and eventually deaths. We don't want to get to that point,” she added.

Asked if Stockholmers were getting worse at following coronavirus guidelines – such as working from home if possible and keeping a distance – Rotzén Östlund said:

“We don't have statistics, but there are rumours of more home parties and that more people are returning to the workplace. We want to encourage everyone who can to keep working from home.

“Those who, so to speak, carry our society by looking after our sick, our children, by cooking our food, working in shops and so on, they have to be able to use public transport and get around. Everyone else who can work from home should do so.”

A total of 32,516 people have tested positive for coronavirus in Stockholm since the start of the pandemic.

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