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Reader question: What are the rules for weddings in Sweden this summer?

Weddings are not subject to any specific Covid-19 legislation in Sweden, which means there are several different laws and recommendations to take into account if you're planning to celebrate this summer.

Reader question: What are the rules for weddings in Sweden this summer?
Many couples have scaled down their weddings during the pandemic, and if you want friends and relatives to join you, there are several rules to be aware of. File photo: Martina Holmberg/TT

Question: I’m unclear about the restrictions for private events in July. We have an outdoor wedding planned in Sweden in late July. How many people will be allowed, and do servers and photographers count in that number?

The question depends on the venue.

If it is a private party within your own home or garden, there is no specific legislation to cover the number of participants allowed. However, the Public Health Agency says “larger parties should be avoided and outdoors is preferable to indoors”. The guidelines for parties and events at rented premises can be used as guidelines, and current national recommendations from the Public Health Agency urge everyone to avoid all social contact with anyone outside your closest circle.

If you are using a rented premises, even if it’s a private party, you are subject to limits on public events and gatherings. The limits include all people present in the space, including you, your guests, or staff.

At the time of writing, those limits are eight people for indoor events without designated seating (including for example if it’s at a venue, a rented party premise, or on a boat). This is set to increase to up to 50 people from July 1st if the situation allows, and removed entirely in September if the situation allows.

For outdoor events without designated seating, the limit is currently up to 100 people, and this is set to increase to up to 600 from July 1st if the situation allows.

Therefore if you are using an external venue, you should check in advance how many people you are allowed to have in addition to staff. This also applies if you are having a ceremony in a church, because church services are subject to the regulation on indoor events. 

It’s worth remembering that these dates may not be kept to if the situation worsens, and that the Public Health Agency also has the possibility to introduce stricter limits regionally if needed to curb the spread of infection.

There may be other coronavirus restrictions that affect how easily you can go ahead with your wedding plans.

If you have overseas guests, it’s worth bearing in mind that it is currently unclear whether the ban on entry to Sweden from non-EU countries will be lifted later this summer, or if extra exemptions will be added (such as allowing entry for fully vaccinated people).

During the summer, you and your guests will also need to follow the other regulations in place, such as staying at home if experiencing any symptoms consistent with Covid-19, and keeping a distance from other people both indoors and outdoors.

If you have any questions about Covid-19 or about life in Sweden more generally, you can contact The Local’s editorial team by emailing [email protected].

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