Sweden’s government collapses as prime minister loses no-confidence vote

Sweden's parliament has voted in favour of a no-confidence motion against Social Democrat Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, a historic result that means the country could face snap elections later this year.

Sweden's government collapses as prime minister loses no-confidence vote
Stefan Löfven (centre) arrived at parliament with his ministers, before becoming the first sitting prime minister to lose a no-confidence vote. Photo: Nils Petter Nilsson / TT

Löfven is the first Swedish Prime Minister to lose a vote of this kind.

The parties that voted against Löfven were the Left Party, Moderates, Christian Democrats and Sweden Democrats. 

The Left Party fall on the opposite side of the political spectrum to the others, and have traditionally supported the Social Democrats but did not agree to recent proposals to change Swedish rental laws.

“What we are doing today, we do not do lightly. We have done everything we could to resolve the situation. But when no-one else wanted to contribute to a solution, we’ve ended up here – and that is in line with what we promised,” the Left leader Nooshi Dadgostar said in a speech to parliament before the vote, referring to an ultimatum her party gave the government.

Although the Left Party were the first to threaten a no-confidence vote, it was ultimately proposed by the Sweden Democrats who, unlike the Left, had enough MPs to submit the motion.

Although Covid-19 restrictions are in force, all 349 members of parliament were called in for the vote and were asked to wear face masks and limit their time in the chamber.

A total of 181 MPs voted in favour of the no-confidence motion, passing the required majority of 175.

The prime minister has scheduled a preliminary press conference for 11.30am, Swedish time.

There are two possible alternatives of what will happen next. Either Löfven may resign, in which case it falls to the speaker of parliament to start a round of cross-party negotiations to form a new government, or otherwise he may call for snap elections, which would need to take place no later than three months after the announcement.

He has seven days’ time to make the decision.

Member comments

  1. So to be clear here.. the nearing 15 thousand deaths and inability of this Gov to take responsibility and tough descions during a pandemic was not the problem… that the opposition and Sweden apparently has confidence in… it was the rent that really upset them..

  2. Tough decisions ? Humour me !
    Have a look at what happened in France with a lockdown that brought the population to the brink of madness and depression.
    At least…..a sort of normal life has been maintained in Sweden with less deaths / 100 000 than France that scores above 100 000 deaths……average age 82 years old…..above of the French life expectancy.
    Same in Sweden.
    Be glad you didn’t have to be locked in your apartment having to sign a silly and degrading paper to show to the police to go and buy your lunch

    1. Are you claiming Swedens death and hospitalistaions rates would not have been improved with firmer response? Or that the cost was worth it to maintain the your freedoms? It really has to be either.

      Wondering also how you explain the amazing coincidence of infection rates and hospitalisions reducing following crisis lock down measures taken in multiple countries at key times? Italy.. UK recently.. Vietnam.. New Zealand… Australia… France… would they have been better just to let it go? Herd immunity perhaps? Take the 2% hit on population?

      Watch what happens when Delta sweeps across Sweden this Autumn. Lets hope the hospital beds last because frankly I don’t see a lot of crisis management and huge push for vaccinations; if the UK is worrried… then what do you think is about to happen to a country with half the vaccination rate.

      1. « Are you claiming Swedens death and hospitalistaions rates would not have been improved with firmer response? »

        This is exactly what I am claiming.
        All the countries you are mentioning have had crazy lockdown…….the craziest bien the french. Not allowed out of your home for 2 months flat for the first lockdown……no more than one km for the second keeping me from running in the woods…..but allowed among car traffic…….wearing a mask outside with the threat of having to pay 1400 SKR fine……even in the forest.
        Is this what you wanted for Sweden ?
        If so…..lucky for Sweden you are not in charge.
        A friend of mine is an officer in the gendarmerie and she has seen sooooooo much domestic abuse.
        I would have the Swedish constitution and parliament every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

        All the countries you mention have taken different measures……Sweden some very light one…..look at the curves……they are all going south because it is summer. This thing is a respiratory disease and like all of these diseases…..they thrive in cold climate.
        Have a look at Chile right now.
        You are lucky to live in a country where a government can be toppled by a group of some parties.
        I live in a country where parliament Is a joke and where the president behaves like a king

        1. Bruno lets be clear and open here, no one actually likes restrictions and freedom is of course where we are happiest; all nations (nearly..) feel this and the battle ground is over real suffering and death versus reduction in personal freedom; which was in the end really only for 1.5 years. I would have more respect for your position if you just cut to the chase and said your freedoms were worth a certain amount of suffering and death in society and the overwork of the national hospital staff; which you really deserve to them to read and listen to. To hide behind the claim that any measure at all would not reduce infection rates and transmission; and therefore deaths and suffering is just a cop out and really does end this up in the 5G woo woo level of debate. It is a disturbing mental contortion that I have witnessed in Sweden recently to help Swedes avoid actually face the uncomfortable assessment.

          I am sure you do believe in basic transmission principles of a virus through contact or local air? and therefore you then need to have a serious answer to the calculation of freedom vs wider society health. If you draw the line at the extreme end of ‘let it rip but don’t stop me buying my Cappuccino or going our to party in a pandemic crisis’ then so be it; but you need to be honest and brave enough to state this.

          I am left thinking though that if you had anyone with an asthmatic kid; or family member suffering from long covid or worse would have a different value on the cappuccino right.

  3. Read my lips :
    Freedom comes at a price……my mother who was arrested and deported by the nazis for being part of a resistance group…..could have told you……while the majority of french chose to stay put…..and so called alive.

    Average death age …in France anyway ….81 years old I believe.
    Life expectancy in France 82 …..for women … prefer to drink and smoke themselves to the grave…..their loss….but still 79 years old.
    Average Covid deaths …..82…..and all of them with co morbidity…..some of them totally senile……didn’t know Eve from Adam.
    Life is messy and it is not about living versus not dying… is about living no matter what…..Covid….no Covid ….à fine balance between not being reckless and not being an anxious wreck.
    From all I read….I don’t recall the world to make such a fuss in 1918 when they have a cause to……let alone toppling a government and dumping about COVID when the whole parliament seemed to agree on the strategy. I know….I was in Sweden….3 months right in the thick of it.
    It seems Anders Tegnell can try to shout from the top of his lungs Swedish strategy was never about herd immunity….no one in the foreign press seems to want to listen.
    Again…..France had more deaths than Sweden / 100 000 people.

    Every winter, french hospitals as Swedish or English are overwhelmed by flue cases. …….no one gives a hoot and people still die like flies. suddenly we are to roll on the floor and pull our hair because of Covid ?
    All of who died were at the end…almost…. of their life tether.
    We will see how many people will died or already did for undiagnosed or belated …..cancers….heart conditions …..or simply for having been driven to the brink of poverty.
    Be happy to have people like Anders Tegnell who have balls of steel and saved the day for you

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Swedish political parties call for ban on conversion therapy

The Liberals have campaigned for a ban for some time, and a motion has now been submitted to parliament by the Social Democrats. Now, the Moderates and the Centre Party are joining them in calling for conversion therapy to be made illegal, Sweden’s public broadcaster Radio Ekot reports.

“The entire idea is that homosexuality is an illness which can and should be treated. That is, obviously, completely incorrect and a very out-of-place view in a modern society,” Centre’s spokesperson on legal issues, Johan Hedin, told the radio.

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