How much do the heads of Sweden’s state agencies get paid?

The salaries for the heads of Sweden’s state agencies in 2021 have been revealed, as the director of the Swedish Transport Administration heads up the list for the sixth year in a row.

How much do the heads of Sweden's state agencies get paid?
Lena Erixon is the most well paid head of a Swedish state agency. Photo: Erik Simander / TT.

There are over 200 state agencies in Sweden, including many you will probably have heard of such as the Swedish Migration Agency (Migrationsverket) and the Swedish Public Health Agency (Folkhälsomyndigheten).

This group also covers many universities and higher education institutions as well as the Swedish Police (Polismyndigheten), and Sweden’s National Museum, for example.

Although the Swedish government appoints the directors of the agencies, they are independent of the government and not political positions.

The salaries and their increases are decided by the Swedish government. The directors’ salary increases, including their updated salary, for the current year have been revealed.

The most highly paid is Lena Erixon, head of The Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket). This is the sixth year in the row that she tops the list. Erixon receives a salary of 178 600 kronor per month, which is an increase of 1,5 percent.

Other salaries include a 1,7 percent increase for the director of the Swedish Migration Agency (Migrationsverket), Mikael Ribbenvik, who will now receive a monthly sum of 141 000 kronor.

Nils Öberg, director of the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan) is paid 170 000 kronor per month, and Maria Mindhammar, director of the Swedish Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen) receives 152 600 kronor a month. Johan Carlsson, director of the Public Health Agency (Folkhälsomyndigheten) received a 2,9 percent salary increase, which gives him 135 000 kronor a month. Last year he received a 4,5 percent increase in his salary.

This year Karin Åström Iko, director of The National Archives of Sweden (Riksarkivet), received the largest salary increase, with an increase of 4,6 percent from 99 200 kronor to 104 000 kronor a month.

Of the ten persons with the largest salary increases, eight were women. In general the female directors have a slightly higher average salary than their male counterparts.

Top 5 most highly paid heads of Swedish state agencies:

  • Lena Erixon, Swedish Transport Administration, 178 600 / month
  • Anders Thornberg, Swedish Police Authority, 173 000 / month 
  • Nils Öberg, Swedish Social Insurance Agency, 170 000 / month
  • Micael Bydén, Swedish Armed Forces, 167 200 / month
  • Katrin Westling Palm, Swedish Tax Agency, 164 200 / month

Largest salary increase this year:

  • Karin Åström Iko, National Archives of Sweden, 4,6 %
  • Elisabet Åbjörnsson Hollmark, National Board of Institutional Care, 4,2%
  • Sofia Wallström, Health and Social Care Inspectorate, 3,4%
  • Johan Carlsson, Public Health Agency, 2,9%
  • Olivia Wigzell, National Board of Health and Welfare, 2,8%

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