What do I do if I can’t access my Swedish Covid-19 vaccine pass?

What do I do if I can't access my Swedish Covid-19 vaccine pass?
A photo showing how the Swedish vaccine pass looks. Photo: Johan Jeppsson/TT
Sweden's eHealth Agency said it had identified technical errors that meant many people were unable to download their Covid-19 vaccine pass as their vaccination data was shown as 'missing'.

The eHealth Agency said that a “small proportion” of people were affected by the problem that meant vaccine doses did not show up.

On July 2nd, they said the Stockholm region had identified a technical issue in the transferral of data, and that similar errors were being investigated in other regions.

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The Local reader Dominic relocated to Sweden in 2020, and told us: “I am personally looking forward to a digital passport and dropping of quarantine rules as I haven’t been able to visit the UK since last October and see my three children.”

But despite receiving his Covid-19 vaccine in May, when he logged onto the covidbevis.se website on July 1st when it launched, he received a message saying ‘Information about your vaccine is missing’.

He was one of several readers to contact The Local after experiencing the problem, which has also been reported on in Swedish media

Nico, an Italian reader, had the same issue after being vaccinated in early June in Stockholm. He was able to get in touch with Werlabs, the company that ran the vaccine centre, which confirmed that his vaccine had been recorded in the system together with his personnummer the day he received the jab.

The advice from the agency to people who were unable to access their Covid-19 vaccine pass last week was to try downloading the certificate again today, or to wait a few days more if you do not need to travel immediately.

Usually, your vaccine dose should show up in the system no later than seven days after receiving it, because that’s how long the healthcare provider is given to report it to the National Vaccination Register.

You apply for the pass either using a digital ID or via a paper form, however currently only people with a Swedish personnummer are able to apply.

On July 1st, a press spokesperson for the eHealth Agency told The Local by email: “We’re still working on how people with samordningsnummer and reservnummer can get their COVID certificates. As of now, you need a personal identity number (personnummer).”

The idea of the pass is to facilitate travel within the EU, as people who have been vaccinated can often avoid requirements to show a negative Covid-19 test or to isolate on arrival.

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