Today in Sweden: A roundup of the latest news on Thursday

Today in Sweden: A roundup of the latest news on Thursday
From today, shops are no longer limited in the number of customers they can allow in. File photo (from October 2020): Amir Nabizadeh/TT
Find out what's going on in Sweden today with The Local's short roundup of the news in less than five minutes.

More Covid-19 restrictions lifted from today

Today, July 15th, Sweden moves to the next stage in its Covid-19 re-opening plan, which means some restrictions are being lifted. Briefly, this means:

  • The number of people who can be considered part of the same ‘group’ at public events, like a football match or concert, is raised to eight. There must be a one metre distance between separate groups.
  • Long distance transport may now run at full capacity, after being limited to 50 percent of its tickets.
  • The limit on the number of customers per square metre at shops, gyms, museums, hairdressers and other similar venues is removed. You should still keep distance from others and avoid going in if there is any risk of crowding.

National recommendations to work from home if possible, keep distance from others in public, and stay at home if you have any symptoms that could be linked to Covid-19, all remain in place, as do some laws around events and restaurants.

Swedish vocabulary: long-distance train – fjärrtåg

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Reinforcements to Malmö police after shootings

For the past two weeks, Malmö has seen several shootings, with three taking place at different locations during the last weekend alone. Local police believe the recent shootings are linked to ongoing gang conflicts, and are now receiving reinforcements from other police districts, Sydsvenskan was first to report.

The police have detained a number of people connected to the conflict, but have not shared details on the exact number or their connection to the shootings.

Swedish vocabulary: reinforcement – förstärkning

Increase in labour immigration to Sweden

During the first six months of this year, the Swedish Migration Agency granted just over 12,000 new applications for people moving to Sweden to work. But now there is an increase in the number of people applying to work permits, returning to almost the same level as before the pandemic.

However, the number of applications from people working as fast food staff, chefs and cleaners has decreased as the restaurant and hospitality industries remain hard hit.

Swedish vocabulary: labour immigration – arbetskraftsinvandring

Another hot day, and impact on trains and roads

Try to stay cool today – the east of Sweden especially is in for another very hot day, with temperatures to reach 31C in Stockholm. From tomorrow, the heat will begin to subside with temperatures returning closer to the seasonal average for the next week. You can keep up to date with SMHI’s weather alerts on their website.

Because of the heat, some trains have been ordered by the Swedish Transport Administration to run at reduced speed due to the high risk of metal expanding in the heat, which in the worst cases can lead to derailment. Speed limits between 80 and 40 kilometres per hour are in place on lines including Herrljunga – Borås, Fagersta – Ludvika and Kristinehamn – Nykroppa until the end of today, and some train companies have chosen to stop traffic on these routes as a result.

For drivers, the Swedish Transport Administration has warned that roads with newer asphalt run a risk of ‘bleeding’ in the heat, meaning oil rises to the surface which can worsen the grip. There will be warning signs on affected areas, and all motorists should adjust their speed due to the warm weather.

Swedish vocabulary: hot – varm

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