British ambassador asks Sweden to work on ‘solution’ for UK travellers

The British ambassador to Sweden has contacted the Swedish government regarding the country's strict travel rules that have kept families separated.

British ambassador asks Sweden to work on 'solution' for UK travellers
Travellers arriving at London's Gatwick airport. Photo: AP Photo/Alberto Pezzali/TT

“We continue to work for a solution whereby UK citizens – at the very least, those who are vaccinated – can travel to Sweden. We want to reunite families and get business moving,” ambassador Judith Gough wrote on Twitter, saying that she contacted Justice Minister Morgan Johansson about the travel ban.

Under current Swedish travel rules, entry from most non-EU countries is not permitted unless the traveller falls into one of several exempt categories.

Those categories include all Swedish residents and EU citizens, as well as people travelling for urgent family reasons and certain business travel, for example.

The rules mean that a Swedish citizen could travel to the UK on holiday, after which they could return to Sweden without needing to present any negative Covid-19 test, proof of vaccination, or isolate on arrival – whereas a British citizen who does not belong to an exempt category cannot make the journey even if they are fully vaccinated and/or test negative for the virus. 

The exemption for travelling to visit family is narrowly defined in Sweden, typically only referring to partners, spouses, or children under 18, meaning that adult children and their parents have been unable to visit each other, as well as siblings and friends. This means that for many families, the most feasible way of seeing each other in person is to meet in a different EU country which allows entry from both Sweden and the UK.

The EU has recommended that member states include exemptions to their entry bans for travellers fully vaccinated with an EU-approved vaccine, but Sweden has not yet taken this step. 

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  1. I just laugh my head off when I read stories like this . The once mighty British Passport humiliated at Immigration Checkpoints , and Brits being asked the most humiliating questions by Immigration Police . The Arrogance behind the Lie that was Brexit has come back to haunt the not so Great Britain which has gained nothing from the rubbish they put the EU through in their outdated quest to be the great Raj again . Lies upon Lies by Old Etonians like Johnson and I should know because I am an Old Etonian disgusted with other Old Etonians like Rees Mogg who made six million pounds from taking advantage of currency trading during the uncertainty over Brexit . Cameron another Old Etonian thought it up as a Joke when he was smoking his joint , and never thought it would be taken seriously , but Johnson who inhaled the smoke , had other ideas .

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Scandinavian airline SAS plans to launch electric planes in 2028 

Despite a number of economic challenges, airline SAS has announced an agreement with a Swedish company that will enable it to purchase electric aircraft and add them to its fleet. 

Scandinavian airline SAS plans to launch electric planes in 2028 

SAS has signed an agreement with Swedish company Heart Aerospace that could see it operating electric planes from 2028, the airline said in a press statement.

The model of plane that SAS would purchase from Heart Aerospace seats 30 passengers and has a range of 200 kilometers, SAS wrote.

“Along with the entire industry, we are responsible for making air travel more sustainable,” CEO of SAS Anko van der Werff said in the statement.

“SAS is dedicated to transforming air travel so future generations can continue to connect the world and enjoy the benefits of travel – but with a more sustainable footprint,” he said.

The aircraft will be installed with a hybrid system enabling them to double their range, SAS wrote.

“This has the potential to be a significant step on SAS’ sustainability journey, enabling zero-emission flights on routes within Scandinavia,” the press release stated. 

SAS has previously been involved in the development of another electric aircraft, the ES-30, which it partnered with Heart Aerospace on in 2019.

“The electric airplane will be a good supplement to our existing fleet, serving shorter routes in Denmark, Norway and Sweden in a more sustainable way,” van der Werff said.

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