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Today in Sweden: A roundup of the latest news on Wednesday

Find out what's going on in Sweden today with The Local's short roundup of the news in less than five minutes.

Swedish Moderate Party leader Ulf Kristersson and economic policy spokesperson Elisabeth Svantesson
Moderate Party leader Ulf Kristersson and economic policy spokesperson Elisabeth Svantesson announced the party's budget proposals on Tuesday. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT

What’s going to happen with Sweden’s budget?

After Sweden’s government presented its budget proposals last month, it faces an uncertain journey to becoming reality.

It is likely that the government’s budget will be up against an alternative put forward by one or several opposition parties. This was the case in 2018, and resulted in the centre-left government having to implement a right-wing budget. 

A lot depends on how the Centre and Left parties vote. If a joint counter-proposal is agreed by the Moderates, Christian Democrats and Sweden Democrats, the Centre and Left would need to vote actively in favour of the government budget (rather than abstaining) for it to pass. But another possibility is that opposition parties will instead push for specific amendments to parts of the government’s budget, rather than suggesting their own.

One of the government proposals most likely to be axed is ‘family week’, an extra six days of paid leave for parents of school-age children only, which has met with criticism both from the right-wing opposition bloc and from the Centre Party. We will have an analysis on the budget situation on The Local later today.

Swedish vocabulary: to suggest – föreslå

International arrest warrant issued for Gothenburg blast suspect

An international arrest warrant has been issued for the 55-year-old suspected of being behind an explosion in Gothenburg last week, prosecutors said on Tuesday.

Police had already issued a warrant for his arrest in his absence, but have not been able to track down the suspect in the days since the blast forced the residents of 140 apartments to leave their homes and left four with serious injuries. 

Swedish vocabulary: suspect (noun) – misstänkt

All Norwegian borders now open to Swedes

As of midnight, Norway has removed all pandemic-related border restrictions on travel from Sweden.

At one border crossing, Gränsbo, a group of around 20 gathered to celebrate the removal of the roadblocks that have been in place since January with music at midnight. In northern Värmland, border crossings had been closed for the entirety of the pandemic.

Swedish vocabulary: border crossing – gränsövergång

Stay tuned for the announcement of the Chemistry Nobel Prize winner

Nobel Prize announcement week continues, and today it’s all about chemistry.

The pioneers of the Covid-19 mRNA vaccines are among the possible contenders according to speculators, after they were favourites for Monday’s medicine prize as well. The winner — or winners — of the prestigious prize will be unveiled at 11:45 am “at the earliest” in Stockholm. 

Swedish vocabulary: chemistry – kemi

Worker wins compensation after being fired for getting Covid-19 vaccine

A 30-year-old has received a payout of 80,000 kronor from his former employer after he was no longer allowed to continue his professional training, announced trade union Unionen, which pursued the legal case.

The company’s head previously told the union’s Kollega magazine that they have a policy against vaccines. 

The worker has the disease MS, putting him in a risk group for Covid-19, and on this basis argued that he was discriminated against. 

Swedish vocabulary: compensation – ersättning

Autumn weather on the way

So far, Sweden has enjoyed a relatively mild autumn with an October heat record broken in October.

But a low pressure area is now moving in from the south, bringing heavy ran to parts of Götaland and Svealand before moving further north but at a lower intensity. 

The best day for an autumn walk or mushroom picking session will be Thursday, when the south of Sweden has its best chance of sunshine, dry weather and up to 15C, but from Friday onwards cooler temperatures and more rain can be expected.

Swedish vocabulary: rainy weather – regn och rusk

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  1. They are not the pioneers of the mRNA technologies. Those where others. It is right there in Nobels will. Those who have advanced or benefited mankind the most. The nobel prize will be well deserved, but they are standing on shoulders of giants and are the ones who brought it to the market. Inventing and pioneering was done much earlier *1989.

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Today in Sweden: A roundup of the latest news on Friday

Airport chaos, cyber ads, Nato's Sweden plans, and tough talk from Turkey: find out what's going on in Sweden with The Local's roundup.

Today in Sweden: A roundup of the latest news on Friday

Swedish airport operator warns of long queues this weekend

Swedish airport operator Swedavia has warned that queues at Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport are likely to increase over the long Ascension Day weekend. 

“There is a rather low personnel level at security controls which will mean that it is tight from time to time,” said David Karlsson, the airport’s press officer on Thursday morning. “Together with the fact that travel levels have risen during the spring and summer, and that it’s a particularly intensive weekend, it’s a bit tight out there this morning.”

Jan Eliasson, a former Swedish foreign minister and former Deputy Secretary-General of the UN, criticised the queues on Twitter. 

“The chaos at Arlanda damages Sweden’s reputation in the world more than we realise,” he wrote. 

The press spokesperson for SAS said on Thursday that customers would not be recompensed for flights missed due to the queues. 

Swedish Vocab: bitvis – bit by bit/from time to time 

No need for Nato forces in Sweden: US general 

Nato is unlikely to place ground forces in Sweden or Finland as a result of them joining the Nato defence alliance, the US General Christopher Cavoli has said in a statement. 

Cavoli, who in July takes over as Nato’s highest commander in Europe, was interviewed in the US Senate on Thursday. 

He said that the Ukraine war had shifted Nato’s balancing point towards Eastern Europe, where member states are most worried about Russian aggression. 

Cavoli said that the US already has strong military links to both Sweden and Finland, and that there would be more joint exercises and other engagements in future.

Swedish Vocab: tyngdpunkt – balancing point

Sweden’s Psychological Defence Agency launches major advertising campaign 

Sweden’s new Psychological Defence Agency has launched a new campaign titled Bli inte lurad, meaning roughly “don’t be a mug”. The campaign has been launched on social media, in printed newspapers, and on billboards across Sweden. 

Swedish Vocab: lurad – conned/deceived

Erdogan: Sweden’s contact with Kurdish groups ‘against spirit of Nato’

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has condemned Sweden’s contact with Kurdish groups as “against the spirit of Nato” in a telephone conversation with France’s President Emmanuel Macron. 

On Wednesday, delegations from Sweden Finland and Turkey held their first meeting in Ankara. 

“We communicated in clear language the message that the process cannot move forward until Turkey’s security concerns are met with concrete steps and within a certain timeframe,” Erdogan’s spokesperson Ibrahim Kalin, said after the meeting. 

Swedish Vocab: en tidsram – a timeframe