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a firefighter next to the burned out building
Police are investigating after a fire broke out in southern Stockholm. Photo: Claudio Bresciani/TT
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Stockholm police hunt masked attacker on electric scooter

Police are investigating after woman reported that she was attacked and may also have been raped on the Årsta bridge in southern Stockholm late on Saturday evening. According to the police report, the woman said a masked man on an electric scooter hit her on the head, but she does not have any clear memories of what happened after that.

The TT newswire reports that the woman lost consciousness and was found by passers-by on the bridge, and was taken to hospital for medical attention and to secure evidence.

Swedish vocabulary: investigation – undersökning/utredning

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New videos show MS Estonia wreck

Footage from a new examination of the MS Estonia wreck have been released by the Estonian Safety Investigation Bureau. Seven dives were carried out in summer after a documentary cast doubt on the findings of a previous official probe into the sinking.

The MS Estonia ferry sank in the Baltic Sea in 1994, killing 852 people on board. The original inquiry concluded that the disaster was caused by the bow door of the ship being wrenched open in heavy seas, allowing water to gush into the car deck.

The new inquiry has not yet presented its final findings, which it is not expected to do until after a more thorough examination of the wreck in spring next year.

Swedish vocabulary: wreck – vrak

100 confess to shoplifting on ‘day of amnesty’ in Swedish town

More than 100 young people confessed their crime after a grocery store in Lerum near Gothenburg introduced a day of “amnesty” for shoplifters, promising not to report anyone who showed up, admitted to shoplifting, apologised and paid for the items.

Most of the stolen items only cost around 20-40 kronor, but some admitted to stealing things from the store for up to 700-800 kronor. Store managers also took the opportunity to speak with the youths and explain how a police report would have impacted them.

Local newspaper Lerums Tidning was the first newspaper to cover the story, which has since spread to bigger sites such as public broadcaster SVT and news agency TT.

Swedish vocabulary: shoplifter – snattare

Sweden to upgrade terrestrial TV network

Sweden is set to upgrade the tech used for several terrestrial television channels this autumn, in order to make it possible for more channels to broadcast in HD. The switch will be carried out in five stages in October, depending on where you live in Sweden.

This also means that you may have to change to a newer TV or digital box if you can’t watch the new channels. You can read more (in Swedish) about how it affects you here.

Swedish vocabulary: channel – kanal

Arson probe launched after blaze in southern Stockholm

Police are investigating after a fire broke out at a venue in the Slakthus area in southern Stockholm on Saturday. It is believed to have started in a ventilation room of the 100 by 200 metre building, which was set to be torn down, and was extinguished by 6pm.

Police launched an investigation into arson – which is what is normally done when it is not immediately clear what caused the fire – but by Monday morning they had issued no new updates. They said forensic teams would examine the site once it has cooled down.

Swedish vocabulary: fire – brand

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