Today in Sweden: A roundup of the latest news on Friday

Today in Sweden: A roundup of the latest news on Friday
Security guards at Lund District Court on the final day of a school attack trial. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT
Find out what's going on in Sweden today with The Local's short roundup of the news in less than five minutes.

Uppsala University in bid to hand back skeleton to Sami community

Uppsala University has asked for the government’s permission to repatriate the skeleton of a Sami man from the university’s collections to the Arjeplog Sami Association.

The man was serving a life-time jail sentence at Långholmen Prison in Stockholm when he died in 1892, but was otherwise registered as living in Arjeplog, northern Sweden.

“In older times it was not unusual that the bodies of people who passed away in jail were handed over to the universities’ medical education and research,” said Margaretha Andersson, head of Uppsala University’s unit for music and museums, in a statement.

Swedish vocabulary: a body – en kropp

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Teenager found guilty of school attack

A 15-year-old who went into his school in Eslöv, southern Sweden, armed with knives, a skeleton mask and a helmet, and intending to kill Muslims and Pride supporters according to his own diaries, has been found guilty of attempted murder.

The boy stabbed a teacher who received life-threatening injuries, but survived. His lawyer told the court that the attack should be seen as aggravated assault, as he regretted his actions and no longer wanted to kill anyone else after attacking the teacher.

“It was perhaps a little too late for regret when it comes to the teacher – he’s been convicted of attempted murder,” his lawyer told TT after the trial, saying that he and his client had anticipated the verdict and their preliminary decision was not to appeal the verdict.

The boy has not yet been sentenced. The court ordered him to first undergo a psychiatric evaluation. Depending on what that shows, he will either be sentenced to forensic psychiatric care or juvenile detention.

Swedish vocabulary: forensic psychiatric care – rättspsykiatrisk vård

Social Democrat and Left leaders to meet for negotiations

Social Democrat party leader Magdalena Andersson is understood to have invited Left Party leader Nooshi Dadgostar to a meeting on Friday morning, reports the TT newswire, citing unconfirmed reports in the Swedish media.

Although the timing is unconfirmed, we do know that Andersson will sit down with Dadgostar at some point between now and 10am on Tuesday – the deadline Andersson was given by the speaker of parliament – to shore up support for her new government.

Due to the fragile balance of Swedish politics at the moment, Andersson needs the support of the Green Party (which is a member of the coalition government), the Centre Party (which said this week it would “tolerate” her – Andersson doesn’t need their votes, only their abstentions, due to Sweden’s system of negative parliamentarianism), and the Left Party (which will want something in return).

Swedish vocabulary: to invite – att bjuda in

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