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cars in stockholm blackout
Large parts of Södermalm and western Stockholm were affected by a blackout on Thursday evening. Photo: Petra Lindell/TT
Find out what's going on in Sweden today with The Local's short roundup of the news in less than five minutes.

Fewer shootings in Malmö in recent years

Shootings in Malmö have decreased drastically in recent years, SVT reports.

Malmö has had trouble with shootings in recent years, with as many as five to six shootings taking place monthly back in 2017, a total of 65 shootings in the city that year. In an attempt to halt this extreme violence, Swedish authorities got in contact with US criminologist Professor David Kennedy, responsible for developing a so called Gang Violence Intervention (GVI) technique.

This technique had been adopted in several American cities with notorious gang violence since the 1990s. In Boston, the method supposedly resulted in a 63 percent drop in fatal violence among young people.

Since adopting the method in 2018, shootings have decreased, with only 47 shootings in 2018, 34 in 2019 and 20 in 2020. Collaboration between civilians and authorites has also become much better, say police. The amount of new recruits to criminal gangs has also decreased.

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Vaccine passes may be introduced in gyms and restaurants

The Public Health Agency are drafting plans which would enable them to introduce vaccine passes in gyms and restaurants if deemed necessary, newswire TT reports.

The so-called “stage two” plans could be introduced if infection rates in Sweden increase dramatically – as it has done in other countries with a similar rate of vaccination, such as Austria.

Other measures which could be introduced “stage two” include a return to working from home and a reintroduction of previous infection control rules in restaurants such as no standing service and a minimum distance between tables.

New restrictions on opening times will “probably not” be reintroduced, TT reports.

The Public Health Agency and the e-Health Agency have confirmed to The Local that EU-issued Covid certificates as well as certificates from countries with certificates compatible with the EU’s system will be valid under the Swedish vaccine pass system – but only those showing that the holder is fully vaccinated, not those showing proof of negative test or recovery from Covid-19.

Stockholm metro brought to standstill after power outage

More than 30,000 households in central Stockholm were plunged into darkness after a power blackout on Thursday afternoon. The metro was able to resume traffic after a while, but commuters were warned of knock-on delays.

The power cut occurred at 4.11pm, said electricity provider Ellevio.

It affected 30,092 of its customers, mainly in southern and western Stockholm.

Several metro lines were also brought to a halt for around ten minutes, reports the TT newswire, but were later able to resume traffic.

Commuters were still advised to expect knock-on delays and cancelled trains.

The problems occurred due to an electric arc flash, which is when an electrical current jumps a gap in a circuit. The device designed to prevent this from happening, an arc guard, was activated, leading to the power cut, an Ellevio spokesperson told TT.

Power returned to the area at 17:31 on Thursday evening, TT reports.

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