Sweden in political crisis after lawmakers adopt opposition’s budget

Sweden was plunged into political crisis after lawmakers voted to adopt the opposition group's budget after rejecting the one put forward by the government.

Sweden in political crisis after lawmakers adopt opposition's budget
File photo of Sweden Democrat leader Jimmie Åkesson. This is the first governmental budget co-negotiated by his party. Photo: Claudio Bresciani/TT

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Andersson was elected the country’s first woman prime minister on Wednesday, but she immediately faced a major setback that risks toppling her before she even takes office.

Just hours after her election, she faced a major setback when the Centre Party withdrew its support for her budget, due to the concessions made to the Left.

Andersson will now have to govern with the budget presented by the opposition conservative Moderates, Christian Democrats and far-right Sweden Democrats, which was adopted by parliament.

She was undeterred, saying “I think I can govern the country regardless”.

The right-wing’s opposition budget – negotiated jointly by the conservative Moderates and Christian Democrats and the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats – passed through parliament with 154 votes to 143 after the Centre Party announced that they would abstain at the 11th hour.

It will be the first time Sweden is run on a budget co-authored by a far-right party.

Coalition partners the Green Party then announced that they will leave government, which may spark a second prime minister vote.

In a press conference, Green Party spokespersons Per Bolund and Märta Stenevi described the approved budget as “differentiating between people, butchering the environmental budget, and increasing emissions”, referring to the new budget’s lowered petrol and diesel tax – a reduction of 50 öre per litre from May 1st 2022. 

They stated in the press conference that they “cannot sit in a government on a budget negotiated by the Sweden Democrats.”

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Swedish political parties call for ban on conversion therapy

Multiple political parties in Sweden's parliament want to ban so-called conversion therapy, which aims to change young LGBT+ individuals’ sexual orientation.

Swedish political parties call for ban on conversion therapy

The Liberals have campaigned for a ban for some time, and a motion has now been submitted to parliament by the Social Democrats. Now, the Moderates and the Centre Party are joining them in calling for conversion therapy to be made illegal, Sweden’s public broadcaster Radio Ekot reports.

“The entire idea is that homosexuality is an illness which can and should be treated. That is, obviously, completely incorrect and a very out-of-place view in a modern society,” Centre’s spokesperson on legal issues, Johan Hedin, told the radio.

Conversion therapy consists of subjecting LGBT+ individuals to pressure or force to hide their sexuality or gender identity. According to MUCF, the Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society, it occurs “to a not insignificant extent” in Sweden.

“We think there should be a ban. Sweden should be a tolerant country, where nonsense like this quite simply shouldn’t be allowed to happen,” Johan Forssell, the Moderate’s legal spokesperson told Radio Ekot.