Today in Sweden: A roundup of the latest news on Friday

Today in Sweden: A roundup of the latest news on Friday
The Swedish Coast Guard have been working to put out a fire on a ship transporting firewood since Saturday. Photo: Swedish Coast Guard
Find out what's going on in Sweden today with The Local's short roundup of the news in less than five minutes.

Burning ship will be towed into Gothenburg harbour

The cargo ship Almirante Storni, currently at sea off the western Swedish coast, raised the alarm on Saturday afternoon after the ship’s timber freight caught fire. The fire has been difficult to extinguish, and the Swedish Coast Guard is concerned that it may spread to the rest of the ship.

Therefore, after almost a week of trying to put out the fire, the Swedish Coast Guard and the Transport Agency have decided that the ship will be towed into Gothenburg harbour, so that firefighting efforts can continue. The Swedish Coast Guard warns that the ship must be in harbour – or at least in calmer waters – before bad weather forecast for next week arrives.

The Swedish Coast Guard warns that, if the ship sinks, up to 600 tons of hybrid fuel oil could leak out into the ocean, threatening the Swedish west coast.

Police are investigating the possible cause of the fire, but do not currently believe that it was started on purpose.

Swedish vocabulary: bogsera – to tow

Magdalena Andersson: ‘We will deport more criminals’

More foreign citizens who commit crimes in Sweden will be deported, said prime minister Magdalena Andersson in an interview in the Dagens Nyheter newspaper.

“More people who commit crimes in Sweden should be deported. We will deport more criminals. It’s fundamentally about confidence in the Swedish justice system,” Andersson told the newspaper.

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When asked in the interview who she was referring to, Andersson replied: “people who have committed crimes in Sweden who do not have Swedish citizenship”.

Under current rules, those sentenced in court for at least 12 months can be deported from Sweden. Andersson has now tasked migration minister Anders Ygeman with lowering this limit to six months.

Swedish vocabulary: utvisa – deport

Record-high electricity prices lead to increase in firewood sales

A combination of cold December weather and record-high prices for electricity has lead to “an unbelieveable spike” in firewood sales, says Max Liljekvist, firewood salesman in the Stockholm-Mälaren region.

“I had a look at our sales and we’ve never sold more than what we sold on Monday,” he told newswire TT.

Garden centre chains Granngården and Plantagen are also reporting an increase in sales.

According to Liljekvist, there is even a market for the most expensive kinds of firewood at the moment.

“Even if it’s expensive, it’s not hard to beat the electricity prices today. It’s cheaper to burn anything than turning on the electric heater. You could burn kitchen chairs and it would be cheaper,” he said.

Swedish vocabulary: ved – firewood

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