Today in Sweden: A roundup of the latest news on Tuesday

Today in Sweden: A roundup of the latest news on Tuesday
Two crew members of the British-flagged Scot Carrier ship have been arrested after a fatal collision south of Sweden. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT
Find out what's going on in Sweden today with The Local's short roundup of the news in less than five minutes.

Stockholmer evicted after charging sky-high rents on Airbnb

Sweden’s rental tribunal has torn up a woman’s lease after she rented out her apartment on Airbnb for more than 4,600 kronor ($505) per day, reports property news site Hem & Hyra.

That cost corresponds to a monthly rent of more than 140,000 kronor, as much as the woman herself paid annually for the three-room apartment on Sveavägen in central Stockholm.

It is prohibited to lease your apartment for profit in Sweden, so the amount charged in rent must be reasonable. And if you live in a hyresrätt (an apartment that the landlord is renting as part of a first-hand contract, rather than owning it themselves), which the woman did, the sum should not be much higher than your own rent if it is unfurnished.

Swedish vocabulary: an apartment – en lägenhet

Burning ship still burning after ten days

Remember the fire onboard the Almirante Storni cargo ship off the coast of western Sweden, which started on December 4th? On Monday it was still burning, according to a press statement by the fire and rescue services in the Greater Gothenburg region.

But firefighters have managed to create a firebreak between the burning timber cargo and the rest of the cargo, and the blaze looks like it is subsiding, read the statement.

The ship is currently anchored in Gothenburg Harbour, after being transported into port from further out in the archipelago, to facilitate the work to extinguish the flames.

Swedish vocabulary: a ship – ett fartyg

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How Sweden’s Migration Act unexpectedly abandoned doctoral students

It’s hard to see anything positive for Sweden coming from the new residency rules imposed on foreign doctoral students under the Migration Act. So why are they there and why won’t anyone get rid of them?

In a new article, The Local’s journalist Richard Orange investigates how the new laws stripped away an exception for non-EU/EEA doctoral students to encourage them to come and study in Sweden. Click here to continue reading the article.

Swedish vocabulary: a law – en lag

Two arrested after British and Danish ships collide south of Sweden

Two crew members of a British-flagged ship which collided with a Danish ship south of Sweden have been arrested. One of the men onboard the Danish ship has been found dead and the other was still missing on Tuesday morning.

Sweden’s Prosecution Service said in a statement on Monday afternoon that an investigation into “aggravated drunkenness at sea”, “gross negligence in sea traffic” and “gross causing of death by negligence” had been opened.

Swedish vocabulary: missing – saknad

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