Police hit by fireworks in Swedish New Year’s Eve celebrations

Police in several cities in Sweden were hit, and in some cases, injured by fireworks as the country's New Year's celebrations returned to pre-Covid levels of rowdiness.

Police hit by fireworks in Swedish New Year's Eve celebrations
Firework use in Malmös Möllevången Square was back to pre-Covid levels of chaos. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT

In the city of Karlshamn in southern Sweden, a police office was hit by a firework during the celebrations, luckily escaping with only light injuries, and in Katrineholm, two police officers and a private person were all hit by fireworks. 

In addition, fireworks were fired at police cars in Östersund and Växjö, with a policeman in the former treated in hospital with minor injuries.


“We’ve had a whole lot of drunkenness and mischief, by which we mean that people have been firing off rockets where they shouldn’t be firing off rockets, but it’s nothing out of the ordinary,” said Thomas Paulsson, with the Swedish police’s southern region (which includes Malmö) at 2am. 

A police van in Möllevången Square in Malmö after the main celebrations were after. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT

In Stockholm, the night was slightly less disorderly than in the year’s leading up to the pandemic, even if it was still a busy night for police. 

“In the city, there were a very large number of people out and about and a very large number of cars, making it a little chaotic when it comes to traffic, but there hasn’t been so much drunkenness or disorder in the city,” said Helena Boström Thomas with the Stockholm police. 

“Outside the town [in the suburbs], there’s been a bit more rowdiness, with young people shooting rockets, some drunkenness, violence and domestic violence.” 

The most serious crimes had little to do with New Year’s celebrations, with a 20-year-old stabbed in the city of Landskrona, and a teenager stabbed in the city of Norrköping, and a 25-year-old stabbed in the city of Kristianstad. Police have arrested suspects in all three cases. 

Celebrations in Möllevången Square in Malmö. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT

Several women across Sweden were assaulted by close relatives over New Year’s Eve, with a 40-year-old woman slashed with a knife in Gothenburg. 

In Malmö, two people have been arrested for assaulting a close relative, and in Linköping and Åtvidaberg, two men in their early 40s were held for domestic assault, but were both two intoxicated to be interviewed by police. 

In Limhamn in Malmö, a villa burned down in a suspected arson attack, the Sydsvenskan newspaper reported.

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