Sweden Democrats launch plan to bring asylum migration ‘close to zero’

The populist Sweden Democrats on Wednesday announced a plan to bring immigration to Sweden down to the lowest level in Europe.

Sweden Democrats launch plan to bring asylum migration 'close to zero'
Sweden Democrat leader Jimmie Åkesson. The screen next to him reads "lowest immigration in Europe". Photo: Christine Olsson / TT

“This should mean close to zero asylum immigration,” the party’s leader Jimmie Åkesson said, after announcing that a study carried out by the party had found that Swedish law was currently above the most restrictive levels allowed by the EU in several areas. 

“There is not a single rule where Sweden is not today more generous than what the legislation requires,” the party’s migration spokesperson Ludvig Aspling said. “In other words, there has never been an honest ambition to reach the EU’s minimum level.”

He said that the 30 demands he had made, titled “Sweden’s future migration policy“, had been agreed in advance with the Moderate and Christian Democrat parties. “I’m assuming that the Liberals will support this too,” he said. 

In the party’s new immigration package, it calls for changes in the rules over who has the right to claim asylum in Sweden, to change how the asylum process takes place, change asylum reception and the level of benefits asylum seekers receive, and also change the rules on family reunion. 

In a press conference, Åkesson said that there was nothing that had affected Sweden more negatively in recent years than the country’s  “useless migration policies”

“It’s claimed that we have very low immigration today, but the truth is that Sweden continues to have a relatively high level of asylum immigration,” he said. 

Among the 30 demands, the party wants to deny asylum to those who have themselves created their cause for asylum after leaving their homeland, for example by announcing that they have had a religious conversion or entered into a homosexual relationship. 

Another demand is to remove the right for family reunion among those who previously shared a household, that asylum should be withdrawn if the reason for asylum ceases, a limit to one year’s residency for relatives of asylum seekers, and a determination to reduce benefits to asylum seekers to the minimum possible level.  

“We cannot continue to hold Sweden’s welfare system open for everyone who wants to access it,” Åkesson said. 

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  1. Every one of them should be banned from every restaurant but husmanskost. No kebabs, no Thai, no pizza. Without immigration, they’d be eating nothing but potatoes and herring.

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‘It’s incredible: We have effectively got through the Sweden Democrat migration policy’

A new documentary from Sweden's SVT broadcaster has shown the surprise and delight of the far-Right Sweden Democrats' leadership when they realised the extent of the policy the rest of the right-wing bloc were willing to concede.

'It's incredible: We have effectively got through the Sweden Democrat migration policy'

The documentary, called Maktspelet (the power play), shows a meeting of the Sweden Democrat leadership on October 13th, the day before the Tidö Agreement was made public, where Gustav Gellerbrant, the party’s chief negotiator details the policies that the party had managed to get into the deal. 

“It’s actually quite incredible,” Gellerbrant tells his colleagues in the documentary. “We have effectively got through the Sweden Democrats’ migration policy. This is a paradigm shift on a grand scale which is happening and we also have a budget that will soon be complete. 

Party leader Jimmie Åkesson describes himself as “more than satisfied” with the deal. 

The Tidö Agreement is the deal through which the far-right Sweden Democrats agreed to support a three-party government of the Moderate, Christian Democrats and Liberal Parties. It is named after Tidö Slott, the medieval mansion south of Västerås in Västmanland where the details of the deal was hammered out between the parties. 

“Taken as a whole, it has exceeded all our expectations,” group leader Henrik Vinge, who led negotiations alongside Gellerbrant, tells the meeting in the SVT documentary. 

The party, he said, was now being taken much more seriously. 

“We have done it well, we have impressed the others. That’s something we’re hearing from every direction. This picture there was of SD that we are inexperienced, and also irresponsible. No one says anything like that anymore.”

“It’s hard to remember anything else like this in modern times, such an enormous transformation in such a few years as what is going to take place,” Vinge continues.  

“It’s unbelievable, actually,” agrees Gellerbrant.