More snow on the way for much of Sweden

Most of Sweden is experiencing sub-zero temperatures and more snow is on the way on Friday, Sweden's Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) warns.

More snow on the way for much of Sweden
Beware of snowy and icy conditions on the roads this weekend. Photo: Pontus Lundahl/TT

“In most areas we’re likely to see quite light snowfall, in others it’s going to be more serious,” SMHI meterologist Sandra Fyrstedt said.

Between 5 and 15 centimetres of snowfall are expected in the northernmost areas of Halland county as well as large parts of Västra Götaland county this morning, leading SMHI to issue a yellow warning for these areas.

In southern Västra Götaland there could be stronger flurries of snowfall throughout Friday, Fyrstedt said.

Accidents and treacherous conditions can also be expected as a result of the snowfall.

Just after 8am on Friday morning, a bus tipped over in western Hisingen in Gothenburg due to the adverse weather conditions. According to police there were between 20 and 25 passengers on board, none of whom suffered injuries.

“Luckily, no one appears to have been injured,” said Hans-Jörgen Ostler, press spokesperson from the western region’s police service.

“We’ve had a lot of traffic accidents,” he said, “it’s slippy out on the roads, so drivers need to take into account the fact that there are different weather conditions today than there were compared with last week.”

“Serious accidents can also occur at low speeds,” he added.

According to SMHI, it’s difficult to say which areas will see the most snowfall over the next few days.

“There are now large areas of snowfall which will be covering the country, rather strips of snowfall which will be stronger in some areas,” Fyrstedt said.

SMHI has also issued a snow warning for parts of the Västerbotten county coastline, with serious snowfall expected over the course of Friday morning.

“That warning will probably be extended over the weekend,” Fyrstedt said. “There is still serious snowfall coming in over the Skellefteå bay and in towards land.”

Snow is also expected on Saturday and Sunday across the country – but still in relatively small amounts in most areas. The sub-zero temperatures look here to stay, however.

“In southern Sweden we can expect negative temperatures up to a few degrees above zero down in Skåne, Blekinge, Öland and Gotland,” Fyrstedt said.

“Up over Norrland temperatures will be between -5 and -15 degrees, generally speaking.”

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Öresund Bridge raises toll for single journeys between Sweden and Denmark

The Öresund Bridge on Thursday increased its toll for single journeys but said that new discount rates will be introduced.

Öresund Bridge raises toll for single journeys between Sweden and Denmark

The bridge’s operator Öresundsbron set out the changes to toll prices in a press statement on Tuesday.

“We are making it cheaper for those who travel with us the most and the price will go up for those who travel less,” Öresundsbron director of sales and marketing Berit Vestergaard said at a briefing on the price changes.

The toll price for a one-way crossing on the Öresund Bridge was raised to 645 Swedish kronor (440 Danish kroner) from the previous 610 kronor (415 kroner) on Tuesday, a 6 percent increase.

Discount offers for both private and business customers will provide bigger savings for frequent bridge users under the new price structure.

While the annual fee to register for one of the Öresund Bridge’s range of discount offers goes up from 495 Swedish kronor (335 Danish kroner) to 499 kronor(349 kroner), the price per journey falls by 6-7 percent or 8-12 kroner per journey.

A breakdown of the Öresund Bridge price changes in full. Photo: Öresundsbron

Increased prices on single trips allow the cost of a crossing for a discount customer to be reduced, Vestergaard said.

“We want to offer our customers a cheaper price and we are doing it at a time when many other things are becoming more expensive,” she said in the statement.

“It will simply be cheaper and easier to cross the Öresund with a discount offer. The price per journey will fall by around 7 percent,” she said.

Tuesday’s changes mean that motorists registered for discount offers will no longer need to carry an electronic tag to register at the toll. Instead, tolls will use number plate recognition. Cars must be registered on the Öresundsbron website.

Discount schemes for the bridge have been renamed under three categories: ÖresundGO, ÖresundPENDLER and ÖresundBUSINESS.