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A final review of my time here.

June 9th, 2011 by agusnit

I must say what a wonderful time I had in this country. If well people are so different it is only to be expected, they are Swedish. After knowing so many people and their different conceptions and expressions of the same country I noticed something: everyone lived a different thing, almost like if they were in a completely different country.

I was impressed of how, after a year, so many other foreign students would not know the names of the streets, or what tram to take from one place to the other. Some of them never heard about Swedish food or ever heard a Swedish song on the radio. Yet, they all seamed very convinced of what the country and their people was like.

I believe that the biggest lesson I take with me is this: we all live in bubbles. Small bubbles that let us only perceive a part of the world that surrounds us. It is only when we realize that we live in a bubble that we can try to expand it and then include some more of that infinite world around us in our perception.

Swedes are very different from me, but the more I break my bubble to include their point of view in my perception, the more I understand them.

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Back to earth

March 21st, 2010 by agusnit

I just woke up from one of those nights that left you thinking. The honey moon period in Sweden has just ended and time came for me to realize where I was living. I am far away, I still don’t understand the social rules in which the country moves and sometimes I just feel alone or left out.

Yesterday again a party, as it has been since Tuesday. I go so often to this things that I know so many people and yet only one or two Swedish people total. Is like foreign students create a parallel society from the local ones and the bridges between them are scarce. I am not complaining, not yet. I think is only natural that foreign people are more open to meet new friends as everything they do is just new, however some of the best people I have met so far are Swedish.

After the party I decided to go to a nightclub, It sounded like a good idea until I was rejected the entrance for reasons I couldn’t understand. Then it hit me. I still don’t belong here.

But now Ill write about it, sometimes strangers are the best guidance.

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So this is me

November 28th, 2009 by agusnit

Hey everyone !!!

Well this is me. My name is Agustín and Ill be here for the next two years. I speak no swedish or understand much of swedish culture but i think that a little humor and pacience can help me be a happier man.

I have no interest in writing a lot or really long posts. They make no sense. Ill write now and then and hope you will enjoy.

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