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Solna in Stockholm: Swedish Post Office thought they’d correct me.

Boston gurka,gurka the Swedish name for pickled relish, to the great disappointment of many Swedes,  isn’t from Boston.  And Södermalms Trä, to my astonishment (first time I saw it) isn’t on Södermalm but in Nacka and now in Årsta. Just goes to show that the name of a place in a name is but a name and only a name (I think Shakespeare wrote something about this, though maybe had a different point.)

Keeping with the above logic you can imagine that the New Karolinska Solna isn’t necessarily in Solna.  Eventually, Stockholm’s new university hospital (cutting-edge and fascinating in so many ways) will be physically located in Solna (which in this case is indeed why the location is included in its name) but that still doesn’t mean their snail mail address can’t be in Stockholm. And for real, that’s where their address is.

But someone at the Swedish Post Office didn’t think so.

A very astute worker (yes, please read in heaps of sarcasm) crossed out the STOCKHOLM address on the envelope of a document I sent and hand wrote SOLNA. Another worker (no judgment passed on this one) couldn’t find the addressee in Solna and returned my letter now stamped “Unknown.”

The vision is still virtual, but when it's brick and mortar it will be in Solna.

The vision is still virtual, but when it's brick and mortar it will be in Solna.

Now it’s unfortunate for the PR people over at the New Karolinska Solna that most Stockholmers (and most certainly postal employees) don’t know anything about the exciting new hospital to open in 2015 (they really ought to get the word out) but I do wish people who don’t know even what something is wouldn’t try to presume where it is located.

I have a good mind to march down to the post office to demand a new stamp and deal out a tongue lashing. Now if I could only find one.

I guess I’ll have to settle for the local ICA.

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3 responses to “Solna in Stockholm: Swedish Post Office thought they’d correct me.”

  1. Gustav says:

    Oh, those playful postal workers. They do love their little pranks.

    Who says that we don’t have a sense of humour in Sweden?

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  2. Penny says:

    Can you answer a question about the Swedish Post Office? I’m worried after reading about your experience!
    I mailed a package to a Stockholm business address which requires a signature. A delivery attempt was apparently made yesterday morning before the business opened. Can you tell me if a notice was left at the business for the recipient to pick up the package at the post office or will the post office attempt to deliver the package again during business hours?

    Thanks so much if you can provide any insight. I know you’re not the proper channel, but I found you first in my internet search about the Swedish postal service.

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  3. Boston Blatte says:

    @Penny. It depends on who was trying to deliver it (i.e. UPS). If it is the Swedish postal service. It’s most likely that a notice was left and the package should be picked up at the local center.

    I wouldn’t worry. This has been the only real complaint I have had in 16 years.

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