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Swedish Melody Festival goes Hollywood: Not quite Rocky

The best complement I’ve ever got about my Swedish has been, “I thought you were Swedish but had spent a lot of time in the US”. My tickled reply was, “You thought I suffered from Dolph Lundgren Syndrome?”  If the name doesn’t ring a bell, he’s was the Russian dude in Rocky IV.

The reference to “Dolph Lundgren Syndrome” comes from the star’s apparent  inability to manage Swedish during an interview. He blamed it on having been in the US speaking English for too long.

"You will lose" --Ivan telling Rocky Balboa

"You will lose" --Ivan telling Rocky Balboa

Despite his glory days being about 20 years old, Dolph is still a Hollywood star for most Swedes. (I guess after Greta Garbo died, Dolph is all Swedes have left –unless Anna Anka catches on.)

Today, SVT (Swedish TV) announced that Dolph was one of three hosts of this year’s beloved Swedish Music Festival. (The Swedish run up to the Eurovision Song contest)

Now I am not really sure what to make of that myself. The Swedish Schwarzenegger doesn’t ooze kitschy song contest.   People seem to have mixed reactions between pure thrill and  wondering if SVT needs a sanity check.

They probably have some master plan in it all. It has piqued my interest to tune in when I wouldn’t likely have .

Most people don’t know (and wouldn’t have guessed in a million years) that there are brains in that pretty head.  Lundgren has a masters degree in Chemical Engineering from the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology (The Swedish MIT –where he was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship.)

Most importantly, he is pretty decent eye candy.

It doesn't hurt the eyes looking at that.

It doesn't hurt the eyes looking at that.

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