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Elin Woods & Anna Anka: Swedish women married to a tiger and a duck.

Swedish women in the “news” makes great global gossip. There’s got to be a tabloid press gold rush going on with both Elin Nordegren Woods (Mrs. Tiger) and Anna Anka (Mrs. Paul)  in marital spats. Swedish women represent and bring out a long list of good, bad, ugly and downright nasty in the gawking and gossiping peanut gallery.

Tiger certainly takes front stage in his drama. After all, he’s the household name and the athletic/sponsorship sensation. But boy does it make for good ratings when the woman he’s wronged is a beautiful, blond, golf-club-wielding, Swedette-done-wrong.

So why do you hate her?

You’d think that she’d only bring out the sympathetic and chivalrous in people since she’s a cute mother of two who is the victim in Tiger’s myriad of extramarital puts in the rough. Unfortunately, Swedish women also awaken the haters. These  men and women (they just got to be miserable)  get all a-giddy to put a woman, especially a Swedish woman, down. Some of the comments after articles call her all sorts of things but mainly summed up as ” a gold-digging nanny.”

And then there is Anna Anka back in the news now that swooning sensation Paul Anka is apparently divorcing her after another bout of marital sparring –literally (Hey Paul, hopefully this time you ducked.)

anna anka

Anna Anka brings out the most vile in people out there. Now granted, she did kind of ask for it spouting off all those bitchy things about Swedish men and women and propping herself up as an icon of the ideal, pleasuring wife.  So that field day the press is having is more her own doing.

But say what you will, Anna Anka is good watchin’, albeit somewhat more like watching a self-inflicted train wreck. Like her or hate her, she’s gutsy, outspoken and personality just flows over when she’s talking.

What I like about these Swedish women in the world’s eye is that they both remind the world that the Swedish woman (never mind what you think of her) is not the subservient pretty face. She’ll come at you with the golf club, the ice cube and the educated mind (Elin’s mom, Barbara Holmberg, the current governor of Gävleborg county, is on her way over to help her daughter…Tiger look out.)

You can take the girl out of Sweden, but you can’t take the Swede out of the girl.

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