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Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize: Hey world, that’s Oslo not Stockholm

Barack Obama,  received the Nobel Peace Prize today. In Oslo.  Swedes have no influence, so if you are pleased or pissed off,  it’s not Sweden you should be coming to. Stockholm gives out the other prizes in Chemistry, Physics, Medicine, Economics (though not a “true” Nobel Prize) and my personal favorite, Literature.

The medal accompanying the prize

It’s only during the Nobel Prize that people don’t mix up Sweden and Switzerland. Of course, we now have the confusion that Obama would be in Stockholm to receive the Peace Prize. Poor Sweden, always a bit misunderstood, always a bit obscure.

In case you’re wondering how Swedes feel about Obama’s nomination, I guess you could put most Swedes in one of two categories. The first is that they’re pleased though a bit confused and astonished. They hope that it will result in a benefit to the world and a push for peace.  The second thinks they made a pre-mature mistake. It would have been better to wait. Within the second group there are people who think Obama’s nomination cheapens the prize. The Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society (say that fast if you can) were reported as being “shocked” at the news.

Stockholm is rather relieved that Obama isn’t receiving the prize at the Stockholm Concert Hall and then attending the banquet at the City Hall (a most gorgeous building to visit) so that we don’t get the crazy traffic jams I am sure poor Oslo is suffering.

Just a last clarification. Barack Obama is in Oslo, Norway and not Stockholm, Sweden.  And no, Sweden isn’t known for its watches, chocolate and Alpine skiing.

That’s Swaziland.

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17 responses to “Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize: Hey world, that’s Oslo not Stockholm”

  1. Gustav says:

    Um, Blatte. We have good chocolate. Let’s get that straight right now. The world is watching here.

    True connoisseurs of chocolate know that some of the best chocolate in the world comes from Åre Chokladfabrik ( http://arechokladfabrik.se/ ) , which is located conveniently close to the Vålådalens nature preserve and mountain station ( http://www.valadalen.se/fjallstationen.asp ), Tännforsen ( http://www.tannforsen.com/ ) , and Östersund, the jewel of Scandinavia.

    I would humbly submit that one has not led a full life until one has eaten Åre chocolate, skied and trekked at Vålådalen, visited Östersund, and bodysurfed Tännforsen in the dark. I would also submit that when the produce is fresh, Kretsloppshuset in Mörsil ( http://www.kretsloppshuset.com/ ) is the finest eating experience in the Western World. If you have not done these things, what are you waiting for?

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  2. Boston Blatte says:

    @ Gustav. Send some via jultomten.

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  3. Marcia O'Donagh says:

    Is this article aimed at us housewives??

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  4. Gustav says:

    Ten out of every ten housewives adore Åre Chokladfabrik chocolate.

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  5. Marcia O'Donagh says:

    Chocolate rules

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  6. Gustav says:

    Alfred Nobel’s father, Immanuel Nobel, invented plywood.

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  7. Tom says:

    It is good to know that Obama received the Peace Prize in Oslo, Sweden.

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  8. Gustav says:

    At the time that Nobel endowed the prizes, Norway and Sweden were one country.

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  9. tbone says:

    good to know that (according to this guy) everyone in sweden is either very liberal or super liberal.

    the nobel peace prize has been cheapened many many times – by now it’s just about the cheapest fakest award you can get.

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  10. Aline Dobbie says:

    Something odd has happened in the world when someone is awarded a peace prize for actions that they had not yet taken and then they go on to progress a war. The Norwegians might feel a bit snubbed by the American President truncating the ceremonies because he is embarassed, as indeed he should be, but then I just say that Gandhi should have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and never was, yet he still stands for non violence and as an icon of non violence – they should redeem themselves by posthumously awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi next year for what he did achieve and how he has inspired so many people ever since. Obama has to stop lecturing the world until he has actually achieved!!!!

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  11. His 0liness would like to apologize for the snubbing, but he was in a hurry to pick up his Winston Cup, Pulitzer, Heisman Trophy, Bancroft Prize, before grabbing his Oscar on his way to beat Tiger at golf. This whole making America proud again thing is hard work.

    But he will send an iPod filled with his favorite speeches, and bow next time he meets the King.

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  12. BobW says:

    I think that to award President Obama the Peace prize was a step up from awarding it to Al Gore and the IPCC.

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  13. idealist707 says:

    Someone claimed that Obama cheapens the award.

    Well, oddly many thousand scientists have with joy accepted Nobel prizes. So guess that just goes to prove that the world’s smartest people are just stupid, because they value receiving the award.

    It’s said that one of his mother’s favorite projects was micro-financing. Which in itself was the subject of a Peace prize in recent years.
    Saw recently a clip from a scene where women lined up in an Indian village to receive their granted mini-loans, while their husbands stood outside (husbands not being eligible for loans, as they drink up the money and don’t pay it back). It brought tears to my eyes.

    Now his mother’s interest in mini-loans to poor villagers doesn’t make Obame a saint.
    He was already the return of Christ for me. When will they crucify him?

    They got Jack Kennedy when he was going to pull the plug on the CIA, Vietnam and the Federal Reserve Bank (which is privately owned)!!!
    And the Secret Service can’t even keep wannabe socialites from gate-crashing.

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  14. Cat says:

    The Peace Prize committee thought they could manipulate Obama and US foreign policy with that award. Obama basically was telling them the award was not going to affect US foreign policy.

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  15. aderito says:

    several comments later and no one has picked up that ‘Swaziland’ is full of Swazis who neither specialize in skiing or chocolate making

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  16. SarahRF says:

    Swaziland could very easily specialize in skiing, if it only got cold enough to snow. It’s full of mountains, hardly any plains, it’s the perfect place for a ski resort.

    The thing that most people know Swaziland for (least most people I know) is having the highest Aids infection rate, which is something like 50% now.

    Not exactly chocolate…

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