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Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize: Hey world, that’s Oslo not Stockholm

Barack Obama,  received the Nobel Peace Prize today. In Oslo.  Swedes have no influence, so if you are pleased or pissed off,  it’s not Sweden you should be coming to. Stockholm gives out the other prizes in Chemistry, Physics, Medicine, Economics (though not a “true” Nobel Prize) and my personal favorite, Literature.

The medal accompanying the prize

It’s only during the Nobel Prize that people don’t mix up Sweden and Switzerland. Of course, we now have the confusion that Obama would be in Stockholm to receive the Peace Prize. Poor Sweden, always a bit misunderstood, always a bit obscure.

In case you’re wondering how Swedes feel about Obama’s nomination, I guess you could put most Swedes in one of two categories. The first is that they’re pleased though a bit confused and astonished. They hope that it will result in a benefit to the world and a push for peace.  The second thinks they made a pre-mature mistake. It would have been better to wait. Within the second group there are people who think Obama’s nomination cheapens the prize. The Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society (say that fast if you can) were reported as being “shocked” at the news.

Stockholm is rather relieved that Obama isn’t receiving the prize at the Stockholm Concert Hall and then attending the banquet at the City Hall (a most gorgeous building to visit) so that we don’t get the crazy traffic jams I am sure poor Oslo is suffering.

Just a last clarification. Barack Obama is in Oslo, Norway and not Stockholm, Sweden.  And no, Sweden isn’t known for its watches, chocolate and Alpine skiing.

That’s Swaziland.

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