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Lucia traditions: Old, new and unPC star boys.

luciaYesterday was the official Lucia Day when Swedish kids are supposed to rouse their parents in angelic singing, candles and saffron baked goods. According to my Facebook research (FB is the modern day validation resource for “I know some people,” but in real time.) only one guy got the morning show and one Swedish family is contemplating whether or not they ought to take up the tradition next year.

In other words, it’s been left up to corporate offices  and school programs to carry on the tradition of the Lucia procession.
I got a good chuckle out of Cyndee Peters’ blog entry describing how her first encounter with Lucia traditions scared her.  I would imagine the boys’ outfits would have been the shocker to see. However PC or not it is to say, those Star Boy (stjärngosse) outfits look like the choirboy section at a KKK rally

star boy

I’m glad that kids today, especially the boys, are more likely to be dressed up as santa helpers or gingerbread men.

On that note I leave you with one of the most beautiful season’s songs, the theme song to Lucia.  Link to a lovely on YouTube. rendition.

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