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Sweden’s parliament voted Thursday to recognize the Armenian genocide (article).  While I generally stand clear of political controversy in my blog (mostly since no one ever wins and inevitably there’s some nutter who is going to try to draw some moronic comparison to something completely unrelated and irrelevant) everything unbridled in me emotionally is thrilled.  And in case there’s some outrage about all the “other bad side of this”, I do acknowledge that there is a practical side of looking at the negatives of this political decision,  but eh, screw that.  That’s  political debate and I’ll hash that out over dinner, drinks or some other interactive media.

The raw feeling of satisfaction and excitement to this heated event is deep rooted in my Boston origins, Watertown specifically,  and growing up amid one of the greatest concentrations of Armenians outside of Armenia. Heck, I even have two fake Armenian IDs (by only slightly altering my mother’s maiden name) which were used during the two Armenian sports weekends I took part in (mostly because all of my friends were going but also because I was one of the ringers on our basketball team.) I’m honorary Armenian. That honor was bestowed upon my by Fr. Davidian from the St. James Apostolic Church (we won’t go into detail that it was merely a humorous commentary while in passing conversation.) And yes, I’m making light of it, but I do have a long, rewarding history very closely connected to many wonderful Armenian friends.

Until Sweden voted today to recognize the Armenian genocide I had never really thought about the political ramifications of countries taking official stands regarding events in history. Frankly, I am a bit surprised that the vote was so close (by one vote in fact.)  Even more surprising is that 3 alliance politicians broke party ranks and voted their conscience.

Unfortunately what keeps me from feeling truly elated is a nagging lack of enthusiasm. After all, what is the point? There’s only one country which really needs to recognize that there was a concerted effort on the part of the Ottoman Empire  to murder Armenians, Assyrians and Pontian Greeks, And that’s Turkey. And that ain’t going to happen anytime soon.

So is the US going to now too?

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