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Groupon Coupon Stockholm: Today’s deal

Monday, February 28th, 2011

I bought my first Groupon Coupon today at an 80% discount.

80% sounds too good to pass up (even if I am skeptical of how much the original price normally is.) Groupon, if you’re not familiar with it yet (and haven’t clicked on the link,) is a deal-of-the-day website offering collective bargaining power.
Boston was the second city market (after Chicago) to kick off about 2 years ago. After signing up for the Boston deals (since I’m there regularly) I discovered that Sweden has its own Groupon and its Dagens deal.

So I went for broke (thinking that I really might be just throwing away money if I never use the coupon or if it doesn’t work out or some other pessimistic disastrous eventuality) and took today’s deal.

Don’t laugh, it’s a hair-removal treatment using some fancy-dancy-schmancy thing-a-ma-bob. hair
I’m not all that hairy, but if I can be rid of the tufts of unwanted hair forever…all at an 80% discount, I’ll be a Groupon addict from here on in.

I’m afraid to consider the alternative.

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Fashion/Fury over fur pompom: Blue fox Crown(ed) Princess.

Monday, February 21st, 2011

Since Victoria kicked off a fury of fashionista followers and well…a plain old fury with her mössa med blåräv toffs (knitted hat with blue fox fur pompom ) I’ve been seeing them all over Stockholm. pompom hat

For the record, I’m not a bunny hugger and as long as we treat animals humanely when we farm them for food and clothing, I’m pretty much ok with it. Natural materials and pelts make warm and beautiful articles of clothing and luxurious linings and collars (I admit that I do love the feel of real fur) But seriously, a pompom might be arguably the best candidate for a faux fur replacement. Unless you take it off and waggle it playfully in someone’s face, no one reaps any of the properties of fox (and not faux) fur.

Now the Swedish Crown Princess isn’t supposed to participate in political positioning but the image of her (albeit a very cute princess in a very cute hat) sporting a decadent adornment of fluff from a fur[r]y blue fox  n isn’t really sending the right international message, is it? (Though that fox does look like a very cozy hat in itself).

Since uproar in the mainstream and tabloid Swedish media last week I would imagine that Victoria will resist pulling that hat on again in public. However with the sightings of foxtoffs (Newly created Svengelska word?) especially around Stureplan central will only increase until the spring (summer at this rate of deep freeze) thaw.

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Stockholm’s silent soldiers: Terracotta Army occupies Sweden’s central command

Saturday, February 19th, 2011

There is an army of terracotta warriors guarding the passages deep within the mountain of Skeppsholmen in Stockholm. And yes, they are the real deal, the Terracotta Army from China; on tour.

Stockholm’s East Asia Museum . The temporary exhibition opened at the end of August and closes after an extended period this Sunday at 10pm. terracotta

Leave it to me to wait until the final hours (or days in reality) to gawk among the many. Nearly 6 months later they still draw quite the crowd. I imagine this weekend will resemble the early months of the exhibit when visitors even with pre-ordered tickets would have to wait an hour to get in. (But unless you’re planning a trip to China this could be your last shot.)

The venue to host these silent guardians of centuries past, Bergrummet (the rock shelter,) is also steeped in military mystery. The shelters blasted out of the rock mass in the early 1940s to house a potential war room should military strife reach Sweden’s capital and were a secret to the general public. While central command moved to Muskö in 1969, the rocky cavern was used as a store for military equipment until the late 80s. The boys and girls (yep, some female statues too) of clay are the first sentinels to stand watch in these caves for decades and part of the very first public art exhibit.

If you feel up for a very cramped and somewhat poorly presented display of a most amazing cultural phenomenon the clock is ticking. They’re open until 10pm both Saturday and Sunday, could be better timing that daylight hours.

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