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Norway bombing/shooting: “Don’t mess with my baby brother”

Sympathetic outpouring for Norway from Swedes and anyone I know linked to Sweden is all over my social media regarding the bombing/shooting in Norway Friday afternoon (TL article link.)

While the attacks took place in Norway, Sweden is shaken as if the bombs were on Swedish soil. Norwegians are readily regarded as brothers and sisters to Swedes (as described by blogger CC Champagne this evening — link to entry).

Indeed, even foreign minister, Carl Bildt, tweeted earlier this evening, ”Terrorism has struck. Police confirms bomb in Oslo. We are all Norwegians.”

I’m still glued to CNN and BBC and Swedish news sources. I’m currently fascinated by the CNN need to untiringly speculate about the potential for an Al-Qaeda link despite repeated reports from all media that the man in custody is a 32-year old ethnic Norwegian. After all…a blond Norwegian could be sympathetic to Muslim extremism.

*insert saddened sigh*

Now, I know I don’t know who (if anyone) is behind this sole suspect but I’m guessing it’s a domestic protest. If you really want to cling to a fanatical Muslim connection you can hold out for a desperate hope to connect a very obviously political motive (well, of course the blond Norwegian could be protesting Norway’s involvement in Afghanistan or its ties to Danish/Swedish cartoons) I suppose you still have hope.

People will be trying resolutely to make this about crazed “others” rather than crazed “us.”

After all, “We are all Norwegians.”

For what it’s worth, I think it’s funny to hear the clarification that the Norwegian man is white and ethnic over and over again.

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