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Stephen Colbert still wants in: Mission #artificialswedener is go Stockholm

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

Stephen Colbert is not relenting in his effort to tweet for the @Sweden.

See the June 18, 2012 Colbert Nation episode

The @Sweden account is the official Twitter account for Sweden (via the VisitSweden people) and its curator changes every week. It’s uncensored and for the weekly curator, pretty much anything goes.

The account got international attention last week when its curator tweeted what was long debated as potentially anti-Semitic. A fantastic blogger, The Digital McGyver gives a very interesting analysis of the “Sonja-what-the-fuzz” tweet and its rippling effect across the globe (it’s a great read.)

So far, despite the onslaught of incoming emails and trending hashtags, the future @Sweden blog/Colbert is still but a distant maybe.

In true Swedish fashion, nothing can deviate from the path, not even to capitalize on the free marketing the guest curator account was designed to manifest. Hello Visit Sweden! Go crazy. Try something new. Live a little.

And bring on Colbert!

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Colbert Nåtion: Operation Artificial Swedener

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

So Colbert wants to twitter for @Sweden! I say HELVETE JA… let’s get him on board. (see TL article)

Ask him to come to Sweden, record his report from Sweden and twitter about his experience while doing it. Sweden couldn’t ask for a better form of marketing exposure. According to Colbert, he’s got a following of 3.5 million on his Twitter account. Imagine the buzz that would generate for tourism figures for Sweden. Hello Visit Sweden…Carpe Stephen!

The comments to date on the Comedy Central clip for Operation Artificial Swedener remind me of how humor does not always translate culturally. Two Swedes try to point out that “Nation” in Swedish is spelled the same and not Nåtion with the “funny A”.

Says aSwede, “Jenks (that’s phonetic spelling for ‘Yanks’)…. To (sic) stupid to o a google translate and discover that the english word “Nation“ is spelled “Nation“ in swedish :D”

Swedes don’t appreciate that Americans think the odd letter, especially with the diaeresis sign –more popularly, though incorrectly(cuz you KNOW someone is going to be so clever to point out the “real” name) known as the umlaut–is über trendy.

I love asking Sweden where they think the ice cream Häagen Dazs comes from. haagen dazs They guess all over the place but never guess that it’s an American product.

Swedish tourism figures continue to grow and this will keep making those figures soar.

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