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Sweden’s Answer to Rihanna: Elliphant?

So wonders contributor Nicole James on Fuse.tv

I have never been a music fanatic and pretty safe to say I am still not. But of late, I have been more and more fascinated with the Swedish music export. And not only the bands, but the Swedes behind the scenes from songwriters and producers like multi-megahit wonder Max Martin to music video sound and video editing by the many talented, award-winning people at Chimney Pot Stockholm.

Swedes seem to get away with lyrics like “Waking up in a pile of shit” and singing in some weird Swedishised Jamaican patois and the oddest emphasis/pronunciation of “shadow”. YouTube link to Elliphant Down on Life


The video, shot in Iceland, suggests along with Elliphant’s real name, Ellinor Olovsdotter, she might have Icelandic roots? No clue.

Nice groove, regardless.

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One response to “Sweden’s Answer to Rihanna: Elliphant?”

  1. Lydia says:

    Just letting people know that Elliphant will be doing her debut UK gig on March 8th in Dalston, London.


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