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Stuck in Stockholm for the sport holiday? Best kept secret is BouleBar

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

Boule Bar at Globen was our one-stop shopping solution to keeping a 5-year old, two 8-year olds, a mom and a grandmother entertained on our first day of the sporting holiday week.

And fed.

All that on a very limited budget.


Included in the 89kr/adult 49kr/child pricing: hot dish, fresh salad bar, juice, coffee/tea, homemade chocolate truffles AND a round of boule WITH free popcorn.

You might know boule better as bocce or pétanaque


It was better than bowling since anyone who could carry and throw the metal ball could play. And the pace was pretty quick to keep the easily bored or distracted active.

Until today I had only been to the location on Kungsholmen and then we have only eaten or enjoyed beverages.

Added bonus(es) to the Globen location:
-free parking
-kid friendly
-indoor cours
-nicest staff

Unfortunately, I don’t get a red öre for this shameless plug.

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Stockholm picturesque toilet humor: Boulebar

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

Stockholmers like playing with balls. Particularly bocce or boules balls in combination with a bar and some friends on a late summer’s eve.

A favorite combo of boules and bar drinks is Boulebar. While at the location at Rållis (aka Rålambsholvs Park) and a few bar beverages into the game I giggled at the toilet signs.


The image led to a humorous discussion. I’ll leave it to you own imaginations to interpret and discuss.

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Midsummer Viking hero: (nearly) winning at varpa and the booze lottery.

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

I just discovered that my husband is an elite,  viking sport athlete in the ancient game of varpa. While he failed to make the final *cough choke* he did manage to knock out the local favorite in quarter finals during the midsummer celebrations yesterday.

Varpa is best described as a game along the lines of throwing  horseshoes except you throw a round disk with finger holds which kind of reminds me of a kid’s finger prints in a cement cast.


But now I sound like I’m mocking the game, ehem, I mean sp0rt.  (How can one doubt the magnitude of this sport when you can find a YouTube video of the 2007 Swedish championships?). Like in boules, points are scored when the throw comes closest to the marker.

Tomas, the local  favorite, enjoyed a cheering squad. Any time he won a point the crowd went wild (well, the 4-7 of his buddies shouted enthusiastically at least.) I was busy watching the kids, so I only gave a resounding cheer when the husband appealed to the crowd for some support on his side. Our two other friends on the sidelines (knocked out earlier in the competition) cheered silently.

It was obvious who was through to the semi-final by the silence after the final throw.

The calm at first worried me that there might be an angry mob marching on our friend’s cottage later in the night demanding a moonlit rematch. Instead,  in true sportsmanship spirit (this a viking sport after all), Tomas pepped the husband that he would likely take the title. We already know that my champ didn’t make it through the semi-final. But the crowning moment was in fact that quarter final victory.

Strutting off the pitch he turned to me in response to an earlier naive query  if he was familiar the varpa technique and smugly asked: “Are you still wondering if I know how to throw one of these?”

I guess I was a winner too. I got to take home the new hero.

Oh, and I won the alcohol lottery later that night. No pitchforks or torches to report thankfully.

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