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Sweden’s Answer to Rihanna: Elliphant?

Monday, January 28th, 2013

So wonders contributor Nicole James on

I have never been a music fanatic and pretty safe to say I am still not. But of late, I have been more and more fascinated with the Swedish music export. And not only the bands, but the Swedes behind the scenes from songwriters and producers like multi-megahit wonder Max Martin to music video sound and video editing by the many talented, award-winning people at Chimney Pot Stockholm.

Swedes seem to get away with lyrics like “Waking up in a pile of shit” and singing in some weird Swedishised Jamaican patois and the oddest emphasis/pronunciation of “shadow”. YouTube link to Elliphant Down on Life


The video, shot in Iceland, suggests along with Elliphant’s real name, Ellinor Olovsdotter, she might have Icelandic roots? No clue.

Nice groove, regardless.

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Natural terrorist: Air travelers hostage.

Monday, April 19th, 2010

My next door neighbor, Per, is stuck in Shanghai. He was supposed to fly home on Saturday but with most of northern Europe’s airspace shut down since Thursday, no one has been getting in or out of Sweden. Not via the major airports at least. So far on Sunday there’s been one jet, yep, ONE, which landed in Kiruna, about as north as you can get and still have more humans than reindeer in sight.

I know tens of people who have been stranded or grounded. It has kind of surprised me how many people I know (or know of) who fly in such a short time span. Everyone’s holding their breath for Monday morning when there’s a chance flights might be resumed.

In a long stretch you could say that the greatest international terrorist goes by the name of Eyjafjallajökull. Just trying to pronounce that tongue twister ought to be considered cruel and unusual punishment.volcano

This is utter turmoil and economic chaos  has got to be bin Ladin’s wet dream. I bet he’s kicking himself in his damp cave that he hadn’t come up with it.

Just post 9-11 I deliberated on whether I should attend my godson’s baptism in Switzerland. While I wasn’t afraid of flying, I was nervous about getting stranded so far from home had some military action taken place. I calmed myself by thinking that besides train and bus in the worst scenario I could walk.

My neighbor has been looking into the Trans-Siberia Railway.  While it does have a romantic overtone, I can’t think the week clanking along the rails through the tundra is a preferred travel option.

And it would still leave him stuck in Russia.trans siberia rail

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