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Viking envy: Kubb for AmeriSwedes

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

Kubb, the lawn-game popularized in modern Sweden in the 1990s, has made it to the US.

In the early days, Kubb games spattered the grassy parks around Stockholm and urban areas throughout Sweden. It was new to Swedes then, too. The marketing of the game linked it to ancient Gotland, and when you say “ancient” in Sweden, it is an easy leap to Vikings. Outside of Sweden, that means…Vikingmania. And it is way more colorful to tie it to Vikings. (factual note: the game as such is not older than 20th century.)

An article from the website (including a video spot) from Minnesota shows how its explosive popularity has surpassed that of Swedes of Sweden with determined Kubb players taking to the frozen lakes to play kubb. I can’t say I have ever seen a kubb game anywhere in Sweden on snow let alone ice.

Yo modern Vikings…your cousins in the US midwest are beating you in outdoor determination. Why skate, ski or ice fish when you can swill chilled beers and play kubb!

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Stockholm Summer: Hot in the city

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Stockholm is sweltering and dusk & dawn are blurred. Summer is here, there’s no denying it.

summer stockholm

The city has begun to empty as evidenced by SL (the public transport system of Stockholm Region) having shifted to its summer schedule.

Next week you’ll be able to see sagebrush and tumbleweed blow through town.

While “real” Stockholm and its inhabitants are on hiatus, sailing in the archipelago or fiddling with their red cottages in picturesque scenery (or towing around the camper van), Stockholm is despite the exodus, alive and vibrant.

Those of us who are left behind (or come and go between adventures and restocking) have turned the city into a capital playground for children of all ages. Pleasure boats drag wake boarders around the inner city, people swim, sunbathe, picnic, play boules, play kubb and lounge in any way, shape or form. Even while working.

While most people want to get away on official holidays, those still stuck at the office enjoy silent phones, empty inboxes and lunch walks in the sunshine. And since the sun doesn’t set until it’s past bedtime, most people still get in a full day of outdoor enjoyment after they clock out.

July is a bewitching month as if summer casts a spell on any who enter or dwell.

If you haven’t heard Peps or his classic song, Oh Boy, take a happy listen to this, it is certainly on many a Stockholmer’s mind on a day like today.

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