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Sweden’s quirky signs: No Balloons allowed

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

Sweden is exceptionally kid friendly, though apparently not for those carrying balloons. At least not in its southern city of Malmö. A friend spied a menacing anti-jovial not-allowed sign this morning at Malmö’s Triangle train station.
no balloons

According to Sydsvenskan, Sweden’s southern regional daily paper, the no-go zone for helium-filled balloons includes Malmö’s City Tunnel.

Apparently, the balloons get stuck in the electrical lines and short the system.
– The tunnel is low and balloons cannot rise over the lines, said Bodil Sonesson from the Swedish Transport Adminstration.

What is the world coming to when a child is forbidden from carrying a balloon!

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Children bashing politicians, literally. Earn candy prizes.

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

Bash a politician’s face. Score some candy. That was the children’s activity planned by the Left Party in Malmö during the May 1st Labor Day events. Complete with thug-in-training baseball bats.

Not sure if I should weep or wail with laughter over this new political-decision-gone-wild moment. In the picture, the face of Anne Lööf, leader of the Center Party, is the “decoration” on the piñata filled with goodies.

According to one of the organizers, Patrik Strand, “We had [Fredrik] Reinfeldt and [Anders] Borg, too. I think it looked like fun and afterwards candy and play money tumbled out,” quoted in an article in Sydsvenskan (in Swedish).

Well, I can suppose it’s not the same as slicing into a cake’s vagina. But what is the message the children are supposed to learn? If you don’t like their politics it’s ok to take a baseball bat to their heads? After all…you will get candy!

It seems the bar is exceptionally low for political party involvement or there’s absolutely no budget for political PR advisers. It’s a trite phrase, but it applies here:
What were they thinking?

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Named and shamed: Safe for us blatte to go out again?

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

It seems they’ve caught the Malmö killer. News that they’ve apprehended and remanded a suspect in a criminal case spun as a immigrant-hating-serial killer has immigrant-looking people in Malmö saying they’re feeling safer. So I guess me and my black head o’ hair ought to feel smug as a bug in rug in Malmö. Most likely.

However, with electing into parliament an openly immigrant-unfriendly political party, Sweden Democrats (SD), and the controversy around this Malmö case and the way the police and media are handling it, we blatte, the black-headed immigrants (old fashioned svart skalle) are in the crossfire figuratively and literally (though perhaps not now with the alleged shooter behind bars.)

So where does that leave us non-Swedish looking types? I’ve somewhat intentionally left alone the discussion of the election of SD into parliament. I don’t understand the supposed “shock” expressed by many Swedes that they were voted in (they were polling over 4% –the threshold number to get seats) coming into the election and I am disappointed that Swedes haven’t figured out that if you want something to go away you can’t just ignore it. I have been trying to discuss the discrimination and latent (and mostly unintended) racism towards the non-Swedes for nearly 2 decades. The most common rebuttal is a denial that it could exist since most Swedes are kind-hearted and well-intentioned. I don’t refute that for an instant. But if you don’t want to address the spin-off effect, even as unintentional as can be, you will never be rid of it. So, I kind of feel it’s the same story just later on.

But there are even other newer developments within the Swedish society now. Swedish media has in general a tradition to not publish names and faces of suspects. In fact, convicted criminals also normally enjoy anonymity at the hands of the media (a huge debate in and of itself). However, now one of the main newspapers, Expressen (and The Local too) have released both.

One thing is for sure, the term “blatte” ain’t gonna be less used anytime soon. Sigh.

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