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Sweden does the Harlem Shake (so does the Norwegian military)

Friday, February 15th, 2013

Gagnam Style is so 2012. If you haven’t caught a whiff of the newest viral video meme craze sweeping the world (at least any part of the world connected by the Internet), it is the Harlem Shake.

harlem shake

If you search YouTube or with any search engine for the Harlem Shake you are going to get an insanely long listing of the wackiest versions of this 30-second dance meme.

This internet phenomenon kicked off at the end of January this year, and within the first two weeks of February it has grandmas, lego figures, Pokémon and everything in between doing the 30-second shake. The only definition that versions follow is best described here on Wikipedia.

Here is the best one I have found with a Swedish touch.

Norway, on the other hand, has produced the best military version. Thanks to Norway’s membership in NATO, the military drills can take a lighter twist.

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I’m in love with a fairy tale. Congratulations Norway winning the European Song Contest.

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

Before moving to Sweden I had never heard of the European Song Contest. After my first experience watching it, I would never have thought I’d be watching it without the prompting of a party evening. And yet, I just watched it as embarrassing as it is to admit.

Norway’s entry,  Fairy Tale was truly magical. Its composer, writer and performer, Alexander Rybak stole the show with oozing out charm as the next teen heartthrob. Heck, I’m ready to put up his poster on our bedroom wall.

I learned from the Wikipedia entry on Rybak (amazingly already updated on the Norwegian victory within minutes of the last vote) that he’s a Belarusian immigrant (came to Norway at age 4.) Immigrants are always “native sons and daughters” when they win something for their “new” country.

Today is Norway’s National Day , already a day filled with revelry. They’re going to have yet more to sing about.

Rybak announced his return to Oslo inviting fans to meet him at the airport. I think you’re going to wonder which Beatle is arriving at Gardemon at 11 pm.

Heja Norge.

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