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August 16th, 2017 by Cornelius Hamelberg

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I haven’t updated my blog since the 9th of July! Was going to wait till the 26th of October for reasons that hopefully, will be self-explanatory….

Another tragedy hits Sierra Leone (The UK’s first colony in Africa, and for the longest period too, one hundred and fifty years)

Very important : deforestation has to be tackled now, by planting trees.
To avoid a future worst case scenario, should it turn out to be true that Mount Sugarloaf is indeed a dormant volcano, then the government and people of Sierra Leone must make the necessary contingency plans.

Valuable information and good to know : First off the mark :

Israel sends aid to Sierra Leone

As we all know, people cry for different reasons, but mostly because of far too much emotion. For instance, we all saw a tear rolling down the Rev. Jesse Jackson’s cheek on election victory night, the night Brother Obama thundered, “Change has come to America!

It was then certainly the dawn to positive change – and it seemed that the whole world was in love with President Barack Obama and wished him success.

I never thought that I’d ever see Van Jones crying on TV, but it happened last night on CNN, in the always excellent Anderson Cooper programme by the same name (+ 360). Trump made Van Jones cry and at this point I would like to say that I am now on the bandwagon as an anti-Trump CNN fan for as long as they stick it into Donaldo the Tonto and his illusions of grandeur.

Comparative racism? It’s got to be, if it varies from place to place, but it would appear that the fundamentals are the same, everywhere where racism exists, not least of all in Sweden.

Black Man

The battle cry could have been “Caucasians and Aryans of the planet unite!”, therefore not such a great surprise to read that

Swedish right-wing extremists took part in the demonstrations in Charlottesville

They are here, they are there, they are everywhere, they must have flown over by Pan-Am, to make their presence felt and to give their White Aryan brothers and sisters a helping hand.

One of the big differences between being of West African sepia in the United States of America and being ditto in Sweden is that in the states “Where do you come from?” was never a conversation opener – I guess that it was sometimes assumed that I was from Maine not too far-fetched, the assumption being that there were no darkies on the Mayflower – just as Malcolm put it,

We didn’t land on Plymouth Rock. The rock was landed on us.”

whereas in Sweden it seems that the very first thing that Mr. Blond, Miss Blonde and Miss Blue Eyes want to know is, “Where do you come from?”

In the bad old days of Apartheid, just to draw the line, especially if the blue-eyed devil seemed to be asking me, ” Dude, why? What are you doing in my country?” or “Dude, it looks like you are in the wrong country”, I would say that I am from South Africa.(“Black is Black, I want my country back”) to set the record straight, so that old blue eyes knows where I stand and how I feel about that kind of subject matter.

Over here in Sweden, they have their local chapters:

Pär Öberg & Simon Lindberg


the National Socialist Pan-Nordic organization &

the Nordic Resistance Movement

talk about their


(Some kind of “White is White, I want my country back”

Of relevance: Truth will stand on his or her own legs, so they say :

Migration and the European left :John Lennon is dead : The liberal vision of a borderless world serves only the monied, not the poor

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Outrageous : UNESCO does it again: first it was Jerusalem, this time declares the cave of machpelah in Hebron where Sarah and Abraham, Isaac and Rebecca, Jacob and Leah are buried, as “a Palestinian heritage site”

July 9th, 2017 by Cornelius Hamelberg

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Good news Anna Kinberg Batra who takes the microphone at Almedalen today: The Moderate Party has the chance to grow in time for the next elections And this is absolutely true

Outrageous : UNESCO does it again: first it was Jerusalem, this time declares the cave of machpelah in Hebron where Sarah and Abraham, Isaac and Rebecca, Jacob and Leah are buried, as “a Palestinian heritage site

The cave of machpelah

UNESCO declares the old city of Hebron a Palestinian world heritage site



what’s’ wrong with you?

UNESCO, why should you want to systematically, divest the Jewish people from any connection with the Holy Land? You first deceitfully declare that the Jewish people have no connection to Jerusalem, whatsoever. Oik oik, and next on your time table it’s the tomb of the Jewish matriarchs and patriarchs, in Hebron

The only reaction expected is identical with what Bobby Fischer did to a certain letter to addressed to him by the United Nations

Genesis 23 – 25: 17

It’s also the fifth Torah portion in the annual cycle of reading,

Parashas Chayei Sarah

and it tells the whole story.

Genesis 23:16.Abraham heeded Ephron, and Abraham weighed out to Ephron the price which he had mentioned in the hearing of the children of Heth, four hundred silver shekels in negotiable currency. 17. And Ephron’s field which was in machpelah, facing Mamre, the field and the cave within it and all the trees in the field , within all its surrounding boundaries, was confirmed 18. as Abraham’s as a purchase in the view of the children of Heth, among all who came to the gate of his city. 19. And afterwards Abraham buried his wife in the cave of the field of Machpelah facing Mamre , which is Hebron, in the land of Canaan. Thus the field with its cave was confirmed as Abraham’s as an estate for a burial site , from the children of Heth.”

So, apart from praying, what are the reconstructionist, reform, Masorti, conservative, modern orthodox, orthodox and ultra- orthodox rabbis saying about this latest UNESCO declaration?

Rabbis react to UNESCO declaring the old city of Hebron a Palestinian Heritage site

Understandably,Prime Minister Netanyahu has wasted no time in condemning UNESCO for declaring the tomb of Israel’s patriarchs and matriarchs as “a Palestinian heritage site”

Netanyahu protests UNESCO Hebron decision with scripture

It’s time for Big Daddy Trump kick-started by the man who has his ear, his son-in-law Jared Kushner and loudly supported by AIPAC to make one hell of a hullabaloo and bring it to a crescendo.

I hope that this time it’s going to be a hurricane about this latest outrage.


The question that remains to be answered, not about the future , but about the past : How do Muslims react to this latest UNESCO declaration?

So, why politicize?

About origins, I think that the Muslims will ultimately argue that according to the divine records of al-Islam, the Kaaba in Mecca was originally built by Abraham and his son Ishmael and that that Kaaba in Mecca is in today’s Saudi Arabia (the custodians of the two holy mosques) the epicentre of the annual Hajj – a world heritage centre…

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In a nutshell, Jimmie Åkesson, the Putin-Trump meeting, Turkey …

July 8th, 2017 by Cornelius Hamelberg

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One of my teachers of rhetoric listened to Jimmie Åkesson’s speech at Almedalen and told me that he’s a good speaker and that if only he held other opinions he would have been in the category of Great Speakers.

According to the latest opinion polls, 50% of Sweden would rather take in less refugees/ immigrants – the opinion polls are not gospel but this is good news for the Sweden Democrats.

I told my rhetoric teacher that just one or two or three to four more terrorist attacks in Sweden and the Sweden Democrats will be the greatest political party in Sweden and be getting ready to form the next government, a coalition of the willing and able, maybe with Anna Batra as the next deputy prime minister…

More about Jimmie Åkesson later.

As far as I can remember, the only other meeting that I have looked forward to and with much greater anticipation was that 2002 meeting in Washington between Ariel “Arik” Sharon the then Prime Minister of Israel popularly known in Israeli settler circles as “the bulldozer” for bulldozing Palestinian homes – the meeting between him and Chairman Yasser Arafat – said to be according to Sharon, the godfather of Palestinian terrorism, with much Jewish blood on his hands, because in 2001 Sharon had boasted (to Shimon Peres ) : “Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that. …I want to tell you something very clear: Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it ” and secondly, a few days before that meeting in Washington Sharon had vowed to the Israeli electorate that he would not shake hands with Arafat.

True to his word, Sharon did not shake hands with Arafat and to my amazement, not only that: When the Bulldozer entered the room, Arafat stood up and saluted the Bulldozer General.

Nota bene : Soldiers of whatever rank in the Israeli army do not salute each other….

The whole world – and that includes Hillary Clinton, I’m sure, had been waiting for this great first face to face meeting between Putin and Trump; waiting with all kinds of expectations, some with trepidation. I dreamed of this happening : A bear hug from Putin and the Donald beaming and blushing from ear to ear, under that blond shock of hair, grabbing Vladimir firmly by the hand and saying in the Russian Language “Thank you comrade , for helping me win the presidential elections – after the Siberian relations with Obama, Hillary would have been a disaster for Russia.”

More about that meetig later.

I just read the news in Dagen (a Christian newspaper) that over 50 more churches have been confiscated in Turkey and sadly, sadly it seems that among Swedish politicians only Lars Adaktusson is talking about it. I just checked with the almost omniscient Dr. Google – with narry a word from e.g. the Archbishop of Sweden. But on the other hand, she is not a politician – nor does she have to be when the unity of the church is threatened or when the human rights of Christians are violated be it in Egypt or Iraq or elsewhere that falls into the category of ” The global persecution of Christians

I should just like to add that this seizure of churches as state property is very uncharacteristic of Turkey, once the heart and administrative headquarters of the Global Islamic Empire known as the Ottoman Empire – the Turks were the first to grant the Jews accommodation when they were expelled from Spain – and – this is also important – whereas we know that Churches cannot be built or founded in Mecca or anywhere in Saudi Arabia – this has never applied to any part of Turkey. So, the question is, what’s happening?

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4th of July

July 4th, 2017 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Sweden First !

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Porter’s Pensées: Citizenship!

Sweden First ! (Should or shouldn’t patriotism be taught?

Progressive Patriotism ?

African Union Summit

African Union Summit discussed in INSIDE STORY

Some time ago: Mallence Bart-Williams talks about Sierra Leone

Yesterday, after talking to my South African buddy, I simply typed ANC and got a full picture of what the hell is going on. It would seem that Cyril Ramaphosa is all set to – eventually – be the next president.,.

Later in the evening was totally devastated and am still devastated to learn that Abiola Irele has joined the ancestors. In 1970, my Better Half and I attended all his seminars at the Institute of African Studies, Legon and we were much impressed – he talked about African Literature with the confidence and assurance of an apostle talking about God and in the same vein Gerald Moore introduced one of his favourite African poets Tchicaya U Tam’si and his religious (holy Catholic) symbolism…

Bad news Sweden : Out of the approximately 100,000 students who start gymnasium, 35,000 leave without a full diploma….

Earlier yesterday, my man (Jan Björklund) didn’t preach so much about school or – from his point of view the very urgent necessity of Mama Sweden joining NATO (for fear of a big Russian Bear), but preach he did – a translation of his speech in full about among other things his fear that if left unchecked and the right solutions are not applied Mama Svea could be soon saddled with “a permanent underclass” of poorly educated and therefore unemployable, unacculturated and unintegrated/ unintegratable immigrants – a result of mass immigration.

It should be interesting to hear what a classical Marxist would have to say about Jan Björklund’s dreaded permanent underclass and also about that article penned by Imam Salahuddin Barakat, Her Holiness Antje Jackelén Archbishop of Sweden, and two other conscientious Swedes, Anna Carlstedt and Aron Verständig, that

Religion can lead people out of violent extremism

In rhetorical support of that hopeful thesis, a classical Marxist view would quote the boss himself, that “religion is the opium of the people” and that view too should be difficult to support these days when you consider the religion of al Islam in terms of “revolutionary terrorism” as being perpetrated by so called jihadists.

The second piece of good news is that we now have a more precise figure – so that our paranoid imagination does not run riot : according to SÄPO there are about 3,000 (three thousand extremists and potentially violent & dangerous extremists living in Sweden, but you can all calm down : only a few of them (Muslims, right wing and left wing extremists and (xenophobes?) are capable of carrying out any despicable terrorist atrocities in Sweden.

Furthermore, but still not quite clear whether known extremist good-for-nothings will be granted permanent resident permits or deported back to where they came from. Does that sound a little like the not so tender hearted Sweden Democrats?

At a certain time, I guess that had someone like Malcolm (X) been a resident of Sweden – he would have been on SÄPO’s watch-list and under constant surveillance and probabaly not just because of his “by any means necessary” but also his words that sounded like a Muslim Defence League Manifesto:

There is nothing in our book, the Qur’an, that teaches us to suffer peacefully. Our religion teaches us to be intelligent. Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone lays a hand on you, send him to the cemetery.That’s a good religion” (Malcolm X)

Priceless (about human relations, even international relations):

A rabbi tells it : The Truth About Love and Marriage

With all the talk about Trump’s wall, thinking of the possibility of Mexico reclaiming Texas and/ or His Imperial Majesty Donald the First and Last of America First taking my Iraqi Sunni friend Ali’s advice to the then sitting President, George W 11 – that by decree / executive order he could solve the Israel- Palestine problem by giving Netanyahu and his people half of Texas – even facilitate the building of the 3rd Temple in New York. I’m sure that half of Texas would provide enough territory for extended settlements and even in the absence of the Texas – Mexico wall, there would be defendable and dependable borders too.

But peace is probably just round the corner, as Trump has been telling us, “interesting things are happening” on the Middle East peace front and maybe, all Qatar has to say is “We agree”

It’s six hours time difference between Stockholm and New York,
but that’s not the only difference, especially today the 4th of July in New York which means that the Independence Day celebrations are well under way, the fireworks must have be-gun … like Reagan, Re-gun…. I can only reminisce with some nostalgia, about when I was in South Fallsburg in the Catskills mountains, upper state New York for the 200th anniversary in 1976. It was a different world then.

Undoubtedly, one of the highlights of the day will be President Trump’s independence anniversary address to the nation and probably also his addresss to the thorn in his flesh (Trump’s soft underbelly), namely Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un of North Korea. Respect. Trump’s got his US missiles and Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un has his North Korea missiles. Glory be to him – he has just successfully test-fired his Hwasong 14 by all accounts a real bad muthafkker which – a chilling message to Trump- the equally impetuous youthful leader of North Korea says “can reach anywhere in the world“. In other words, Kim Jong-un is saying to Trump, ” Don’t mess with me muthafaker!”

If not just some more bluster Trump did sound as if he had finally made up his mind, sounding so decisive and threatening to North Korea just a few days ago when he said that “the era of strategic patience with North Korea is over” and we know that even when he is tweeting some short range local missiles aimed at his American foes, Trump sure has a short fuse, so the whole world is on tenterhooks, guessing what President Trump the leader of the free world, so called, is going to do next, now that he says that the era of patience is over.

Last little thing : As President of the United States Trump must and does believe in freedom of speech as a fundamental human right in the United States, but apparently does not want to accord the US press or his enemies the same freedom or any freedom of the press< apart from the freedom to praise President Trump for everything he does. After his latest tweet President Trump is being accused of incitement to violence against the US media and press.

This means that if the likes of Lars Vilks were to do a doggy portrait of Trump the least that Trump would do would be to exercise his own freedom of speech and blast Vilks with a tweet – or who knows – drop an incendiary device on him or use the nuclear option on Vilks hideout in Sweden.

Trump’s endless, vindictive tittle-tattle with the media and everything/ everyone that crosses his path, is needlessly demeaning to the image of the US presidency to the extent that people are getting worried that such a seemingly unstable and unpredictable personality should have access to the special codes or his finger near the nuclear trigger

Who knows, if the North Korea media tangles with him, he might completely loose his cool and at least (God forbid) tweet a real missile or two at Pyongyang

# Dally Kimoko – Soukous Guitar Transcription – Doublé Doublé (Nyboma et Les Kamales Dynamiques)

# Soukous guitar for everybody

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The 3rd of July, 2017 ( another news roundup )

July 3rd, 2017 by Cornelius Hamelberg

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Porter’s Pensées: Sweden at the Edge of the World

Happening in Sweden today : My man Jan Björklund will be at Almedalen

Of course, among other things he’s going to be rapping with great gravitas about how Mama Svea should be at the very top of the Pisa school League and right there in Gotland (where Almedalen is located), with even greater gravitas Major Björklund will definitely be holding forth at some length, pontificating about what in current Swedish political parlance is called “The Russian threat

For some time now, Russia’s Ambassador to Sweden has been assuring us that we should have nothing to fear. We should fear God – not Russia, but there are some among us who fear the devil more than they fear God…

Mazel Tov! Announced some two weeks ago, competing in a strong field which included literary wizards like Amos Oz (Judas) and Alain Mabanckou ( Black Moses): David Grossman wins Man Booker International prize with his “A Horse Walks Into a Bar

Still in the area of literary endeavours, deserving a special mention is Orlando Marville whose latest output “Being Me” has its chapter five entitled “Sweden”…

Ina Sweden : Randy tells his story to Ghanaians in Stockholm

More Sweden : In yesterday’s DN

Religion can lead people out of violent extremism

Meanwhile this programme which I watched last night , is a sombre reminder of the SÄPO revelation that there are “thousands of extremists in Sweden” :

Richard Watson reports on the Islamist group al-Muhajiroun

This could sound a little like the Sweden Democrats: Former Head of Cobra demands UK deport jihadists NOW ‘We can’t allow them to roam free’

Of relevance:

# “Antidotes to Islamist Extremism” – European Parliament on 2nd May 2017 – Panel 2

# Ihsan Alexander : What is Sufism ?

# Eric Gale: Looking Good

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Many are they who say, “Thank God it’s Friday!”

June 30th, 2017 by Cornelius Hamelberg

A warning : “And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.” (Matthew 24:6-14

Porter’s Pensées : Sweden on the Brink of Civil War (!)

A few days ago: IS fighters being slaughtered in Mosul

# Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf Cooperation Council Crisis

Latest Swedish and International News

Ramzy Baroud//The Palestine Chronicle

Brother Nathanael//Evangelist Nathanael

The Gatestone Institute


A few BBC Hardtalk episodes

Dateline London


Global Research

Many are they who say, “Thank God it’s Friday!”

La Mejor Salsa Para Bailar Del Ayer & Hoy “Éxitos”

Sure, there’s so much happening in Sweden not to mention the rest of the EU, Russia, China, Venezuela, the troubled Middle East, but again I musta make it clear for once and for all: I’m not the town crier!

Holy Peter holy Allen holy Solomon holy Lucien holy Kerouac holy Huncke holy Burroughs holy Cassady holy the unknown buggered and suffering beggars :


And this unsurpassed piece of mirth from the New Yorker : The Book of Jeremy Corbyn

Who better than Rowan Atkinson to play such an awesome part as he does, here in “We are not amused ” !

Good News Sweden (Lutheran territory): Hearty Congratulations to Sweden’s first Cardinal ever in the history of the Roman Catholic Church :

Cardinal Anders Arborelius !!!

Which means that at least, technically speaking, it’s possible (“with God all things are possible“) that Cardinal Arborelius could be elected Pope some time in the future. Pause and continue breathing. Can you imagine how that would change the landscape? Like an earth-quake and not only in today’s Sweden where , like the “New” Testament, so too Anna Kinberg Batra’s “New” Conservatives are at an all-time low, today’s Sweden where confidence in Trump drips at a drooping 10% whereas 93% of Sweden had confidence in Brother Obama. But Trump has his diehard supporters in MaMa Svea, so, it’s unlikely that confidence in him will ever drop to a wintry below zero…

Great-ness : On the world stage a Swedish Pope playing the role of “the Vicar of Christ” on Mother Earth could be second only to Gustavus Adolphus who established Sweden as a “Great Power” and in our more contemporary world, Pope Arborelius would be even more important than

Holy Birgitta (den Heliga Birgitta)

or Dag Hammarskjöld

or Carl Linnaeus

or August Strindberg who wrote, “Min eld är den största i Sverige”

or Raoul Wallenberg

and still in the holy realm, Nathan Söderblom

and Emanuel Swedenborg

or any of these

Yesterday, I was delighted to follow Pope Francis celebrating Mass at St Peter’s Square in Rome

– and as I watched, like an evil spirit – a dark & sinister shadow, these thoughts did seep through the mind:

Mary Magdalene !

Pope Pious & His Merry Men !!

A holy conclave of paedophiles !!!

But it was a passionate homily delivered by His Holiness and these most memorable lines of Pope Francis speaking to all of those who pray still echoing in the new mind:

“Prayer is the water needed to nurture hope and increase fidelity.  Prayer makes us feel loved and it enables us to love in turn.  It makes us press forward in moments of darkness because it brings God’s light.”

After following the mass at St. Peter’s I betook me to the inner city where by chance I found and bought “The Koran” translated by George Sale (1734) – with explanatory notes from the most approved commentators and with an introduction by Sir Edward Denison Ross C.I.E., Ph.D., ETC.

One of the Muslim Brethren exhorted me to please not read it. Why? Because it could unhinge my mind!

Me? I asked him.

I thought of the songstress Joni Mitchell : “The world is at your feet, but what about your heart?” I wanted to add, if Plato and Aristotle and Plotinus and their later kith and kin did not succeed, surely comrade you don’t think that at this late date Sale is going to derail your old monkey or teach him some new moves ?

Moving on : Of some importance, in those early days, the Westerner’s approach to al-Islam and to the matters that concern my last blog entry on the sensitive, holy matters of marriage and divorce from the point of view of the scripture of Islam namely (a) Chapter 2 verses 221 – 242 and the chapter in the Quran, entitled At-Talaq (Divorce) which the introductory note on page 632 tells us “is so called from verses 1-7 which contain an amendment to the laws of divorce which are set forth in chapter 2. This is generally referred traditionally to a mistake made by Ibn Umar in divorcing his wife, which is said to have happened in the 6th year of the Hijrah. But others relate that the Prophet on that occasion only quoted this verse which had already been revealed. The date of revelation is the sixth year of the Hijrah or a little later.”

It doesn’t hurt to be acquainted with the teachings that regulate marriage and divorce in Islam, bearing in mind the size of the Muslim population in Sweden, an understanding of what “integration” or assimilation really entails for those who want to remain faithful to the Divine guidelines of their religion.

In this regard there’s this clarification made by Rabbi Abrahamson
in this Adnan Oktar and Sanhedrin rabbis on live TV program in which the learned Rabbi says,

It is a fact of Jewish Law that we believe that Muslims are perfect monotheists. They worship the same God that we do.”

Here are other occasions of Adnan Oktar in Conversation with his Rabbi guests from Jerusalem

2014 – 2017 : Reggae Mix

2017 summer remixes

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Re- The most significant marriage and divorce in Sweden.

June 27th, 2017 by Cornelius Hamelberg

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The Gatestone Institute


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Global Research


Re- The most significant marriage and divorce in Sweden.

Under the greenwood tree
Who loves to lie with me

Sure sounds like the Bard

or one of a similar mindset/ a wannabe in the Garden of Eden, asking for volunteers on midsummer’s eve, approaching Eve with one of his famous open sesame opening lines,

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?

and after all the holy speak, leading to another round of “The monkey chased the weasel” and like a steam engine, “pop goes the weasel !

Nowadays, instead of just having a good time under the apple tree Bhagwan Rajneesh style , in Sweden there’s far too much talk about

(a) Marriage
and after that
(b) Divorce

It’s phenomenal.

More often than forever,
B follows A
just as a night
follows day,

as in “Here today and gone tomorrow

And as these Ray Charles lyrics testify, divorce is a lot more painful – at least financially, more so in the Great United States of America, than in our Sweden.

Since you know that “neceassity is the mother of invention”, perhaps, at the end of the day, instead of the frequent marriage and divorce in this serial monogamist culture – still holy – the more polygamous Swedes could adapt themselves to the more practical and reasonable terms of what is known in Shia Islam as Muta’ – temporary marriage (temporary holy matrimony)

The divorce syndrome is so prevalent, it’s as if by stealth it has been absorbed into the language of public discourse about phenomena as diverse as Brexit (also going to be a little painful and expensive) being discussed in terms of King Henry the serial monogamist’s divorce from “The Holy Roman Empire” which eventually resurrected as a virgin “European Union” and at the other end of Britannia’s far flung once upon a time Great Global Empire, where the nation concept known as Nigeria // Nigeria world translated into the amalgamation of some 250 diverse ethnicities big and small, all welded together, united we stand

for better, for worse,
for richer, for poorer,
in sickness and in health,
to love and to cherish,
till death us do part

and now, just as in 1967, the Eastern enclave of Nigeria or some people and some parts of it once known as Biafra is determined and is once again rearing its beautiful head – they haven’t had a referendum yet but it’s very much in the air because some of the young spirits including some of their intellectual prodigies, fanatical Christians and the fanatical Jews among them are getting shrill with their demand : they want a divorce from an unhappy marriage, they feel themselves “unequally yoked” with the mainly half Muslim West and the mainly Muslim North where just above them in the North-East of Nigeria, they have Boko Haram an affiliate of IS (Islamic State), fighting tooth and nail to establish their Caliphate. The Biafrans want none of it – they want to exit such a union; if only it could be as easy as al-Islam in Pakistan where in the heat of the angry moment, divorce is easily achieved by uttering one magic word three times : Talaq! Talaq!! Talaq !!! – at one and the same time and it’s fait accompli – Biafra is free!

About the happy/or unhappy marriage between Biafra and Nigeria, the question often occurs to me who is the husband and who is the wife? I mean no offence, but it would appear that Nigeria is the husband and Biafra is the little wifey … (smile)

Now, to the heart of the matter to where we are, here and now : Sweden and the separation of church and state revisited.

It’s necessary to remind everyone both at home and abroad (the rest of the big bad world) that there is a separation of church and state in Sweden and that the divorce (if we can see the separation in those terms) the divorce proceedings were completed on the 1st of January, 2000 and the marriagee dissolved…

In the world of Islam there are examples of tensions to the contrary, several move-ments for the re-marriage of state and religion. First of all, we have the major event of the last century – an ideology promoted by Imam Khomeini‘s seminal treatise, Wilayat al-Faqih – the ideological foundation of the Islamic Revolution in Iran which ended the monarchical system, which was personified by the Shah of Iran – replaced by the Supreme Leader, enough reason for the neighbouring Islamic kings to be trembling on their thrones, wondering if their days are also numbered –

as Shakespeare said, ” uneasy lies the head that wears a crown

– and let me hasten to add – there’s no need to worry about us, our own beloved liege, Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden

is sitting firm…

But, I’ve been beating around the mulberry bush too long, now to the main point of it all – and if only I could cast off some of the kind considerations due to the awesome respect for our Prime Minister Stefan Löfven (I unfriended someone on Facebook for saying that our dear prime minister’s only qualification was a welder’s course) so to the point that I did not make explicit when I wrote All priests should wed same-sex couples !” Stefan Löfven, the Prime Minister of Sweden has spoken : That succinct editorial piece by “an independent Liberal” who said it all in yesterday’s Dagens Nyheter ( print edition) : LEAVE THE CHURCH IN PEACE !

It was the last sentence in this paragraph that caught my eye

“Först och främst: Svenska staten och Svenska kyrkan bröt upp och gick åt olika håll vid Millennieskiftet. Det var då som de sista banden löstes upp, så att den tidigare Kyrkolagen ersattes av en Kyrkoordning och alla kyrkliga organ slutade att räknas som statliga. Eller som Stefan Löfven själv uttryckte det under intervjun med Kyrkans Tidning: ”Kyrkan har ju sina uppfattningar, det som kyrkan anser är det rätta. Kyrkan är ett eget forum som står på egna ben”. Det hindrade honom dock inte från att i nästa sekund lägga sig i kyrkans arbete, likt en gammal pojkvän som sjutton år senare fortfarande inte har förstått att det är över.”

As Mr. Löfven himself said in an interview in the Church’s Newspaper

“The church has its own forum and it (the church) is standing on its own legs.”

And just about that perception, the independent liberal editorial remarked, “However, it did not prevent him from interfering in Churchly matters in the next second, like an old boyfriend who, seventeen years later, still has not understood that it’s over.

As Ray Charles sang so sadly,

“When it’s over it’s over
that’s just how it is …

(Fresh out of tears)

Other issues:

In the US and some other places where people have done their military service etc. it’s not merely a matter of wrestling in the mud; since almost everybody carries some licensed hardware, the watchword is usually respect across the colour bar:

N. B. as per definition : “If something’s not right it’s wrong

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Eid Mubarak!

June 25th, 2017 by Cornelius Hamelberg

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A few BBC Hardtalk episodes

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Global Research

Eid Mubarak !

It’s Eid Mubarak on this first day of the Islamic month of Shawwal

The celebrations have erupted throughout the Muslim world. After the Eid prayers, sweets and toys and clothes to children, the exchange of gifts between adults, families. Unfortunately, no chocolates to the deserving soldiers and jihadists who are fighting and certainly no chocolates to the enemies of the prophet of Islam, the enemies of Muslims.The Quran is quite clear and unequivocal about this:

Indeed, the penalty for those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and strive upon earth [to cause] corruption is none but that they be killed or crucified or that their hands and feet be cut off from opposite sides or that they be exiled from the land. That is for them a disgrace in this world; and for them in the Hereafter is a great punishment, ” ( Surah Al-Ma’idah verse 33

Consider: While Muslims living in superfluity have been fasting, other Muslims in e.g. Yemen – the world’s most shameful humanitarian disaster, have been starving and are still starving along with Muslims in North Eastern Nigeria and some parts of Somalia also on the brink of famine. How in good conscience do those luxuriating in oil riches wish the poor, weary, war-battered, starving Muslims “a happy” eid ul fitr? Are they not also human beings? Are they not also souls from the same source of light?

Inside story : Qatar. The Saudis & allies are jealous of Qatar hosting the World cup, profiling that peaceful and successful nation and extending some Islamic influence. They also fear that al-jazeera which is often a voice for the voiceless, will be reporting accurately about the forthcoming wars and that’s one of the reasons why they want to make everyday freedom of speech haram for al-jazeera but not for the BBC or CNN etc or the other propaganda outlets of their best friends like Mr. Trump, the so called leader of the West

What is behind the campaign against Al Jazeera?

Sadly, as the whole world knows, this Ramadan Month of Mercy has not been particularly merciful in many areas of the Muslim nation.

This is because those affected nations are really under siege and imploding, in the mode of self-destruct – mostly as a result of fitna – and maybe to your consternation you read sometimes veiled reports of “collateral damage” of

“flesh and blood breaking down –
Ya either got faith or ya got unbelief
and there ain’t no neutral ground”

And drone attacks by those equipped with the advanced technologies of death and destruction, the technology of hide-and-shoot from a great distance and by the sun of day and the moon and electricity of night you see on TV, helicopters and bomber planes of non-Muslim nations filling the air – you remember – years ago, that US pilot flying over Iraq and exhilarated, saying that as he dropped his bombs the night sky was like a Christmas tree glowing in the dark or firecrackers on the 4th of July filling the sky and in the twinkling of an eye he was safely back to base in the US for breakfast with his family…

This fitna is now one of the most outstanding features of political and militant Islam – in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Libya etc. not to mention the pious legalists of Saudi Arabia, the holy United Arab Emirates and their gangs, who out of envy and jealousy have ganged up against little but distinguished Qatar

Click here. The message from the Quran the revealed word of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala is clear enough in black fire upon white :

“And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided. And remember the favour of Allah upon you – when you were enemies and He brought your hearts together and you became, by His favour, brothers. And you were on the edge of a pit of the Fire, and He saved you from it. Thus does Allah make clear to you His verses that you may be guided.”

But this fitna is not peculiar or exclusive to the world of Islam. In this last Sabbath’s Torah portion we have the example of fitna, when Korach rebels against Moses – out there in the wilderness.

Fortunately for the then nascent nation of Israel (born at Mt. Sinai) by Divine intervention the earth opens up and swallows Korach and the rebels…

Shalom sure means peace but there have also been civil wars in ancient Israel , perhaps a consequence of some of the blood-thirsty genocidal passages in the Torah and the rest of the Jewish Bible – even if some of the practitioners of the Hebrew faith would like us to believe that violence is a peculiar trademark of only Muslims – and the Nazis…

I adduce one of the reasons for these catastrophes in the Muslim nations to the Holy Quran promising Muslims Victory – and so it happens that when one Muslim side is fighting against another Muslim side – it could be that both sides believe themselves to be on the right side and that’s enough reason for them to fight even more ferociously for the promised victory…

25 promises of Allah to the believers

Hopefully, from their elevated minbars, the big sheikhs and imams will be praying for peace, perhaps with more emphasis on peace and less emphasis on victory – since ceasefires can lead to peace, whereas, hopefully, every catastrophe does not have to end with the kind of final solution/ total extermination that is the fate looming over the Islamic State fighters in Mosul and Raqqa…

At this point, I’m thinking these two ideal lines from the Sierra Leone national anthem :

We pray that no harm on thy children may fall,
That blessing and peace may descend on us all

Again, time is of the essence and just as we know that money talks, bull shit walks hopefully, the dollar akbar sheiks will not only use their petrodollar cash to buy votes or to bully people:

In my humble opinion since the United Nations is unwilling and utterly incapable of doing it, it is imperative that the OIC (organisation of Islamic Cooperation) holds a special emergency summit to which all Muslim nations including QATAR should be invited to discuss and implement how to put out the fire that’s raging through much of the ummah – the one and only ummah composed of Muslim nations, where fighting is decimating their populations of believers, whilst the kuffar and the enemies of Islam cheer on and say, ” We are peacemakers only

Nina’s song

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“All priests should wed same-sex couples !” Stefan Löfven, the Prime Minister of Sweden has spoken

June 24th, 2017 by Cornelius Hamelberg

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In India : Charged with Sedition

Sweden : Dancing around the maypole, the scent of flowers and romance in the air – this was announced on Midsummer’s day, perhaps to cheer people up and to compensate for the not so beautiful weather. This is Sweden : No to discrimination! Whether they like it or they like it not, all priests should be prepared to wed same-sex couples, and that’s an order! (Stefan Löfven, Prime Minister of Sweden)

The gist of the message

How the Swedish Lutheran Church views abortion, sexuality, marriage, family, homosexuality, LGBT

I just can’t understand why some can’t just go get married under the apple tree!

But we understand that it’s the new Social Democrat dispensation and in Anno Domini 2017 it’s not Jesus or the early Church Fathers’ morality which determines who can get married in church and partake of the holy sacrament of matrimony, nowadays it’s what Caesar /PM Stefan Löfven or the High Priestess says that goes.

By “All priests” we are to suppose that he is referring to all those under his command i.e. the priests of the state church, the Swedish Lutheran Church, who pray fervently for the welfare of the state. We can only speculate about how the Church’s founder Martin Luther (1483-1546) the notorious anti-Semite would react today, to same-sex marriage being conducted in God’s name in many of God’s synagogues, but surely not in the third Holy Temple ??

However, let truth be said: We know less about his views and his theological positions about homosexuality in both the clergy and among the laity of his day, or what his views about LGTB would have been today, given his not so radicalised view on love and sexuality some six hundred years ago, how would he have reacted to our Prime Minister’s edict, since just like the foundations of the New Faith, Jesus, son of Mary and Paul the first great theologian of the church, he is not here – in which case we shall have to ask the highest Lutheran authority in the land Antje Jackelén, Sweden’s First Lady Archbishop of Sweden, if this means that those who refuse to conduct such weddings will be relieved of their priestly duties and have to look for an alternative way of fulfilling the Lord’s prayer “give us this day our daily bread

The Ecce Homo exhibition in Sweden in 1998 did send shock-waves throughout the Muslim community in this country. That Christians did not protest and disrupt the exhibition, in honour of Jesus was an even greater shock.

This new ruling – you must do your duty and marry them if you want to keep your job could send shock waves through the Muslim Community of Believers in Sweden – for all we know, after all the babble about hijab and burqa, halal slaughter, ritual male circumcision etc., the time could soon be here when the Swedish Authorities give the order that same sex marriages must, MÅSTE be conducted in the mosques in this country and that this is one of the essential moves towards adjusting to Swedish cultural values, norms, practices, way of life, properly known as integration… ass-imilation : All Muslim Imams should be prepared to wed same-sex couples – or else!

I believe that the reaction and counter-reaction would be strong – at the very least, civil disobedience – and just in reaction to such a decree, once again SÄPO would have to revise their estimate of the number of violence-prone extremists in the country …

At Nigerian weddings the hymn What God has joined together, let no man put a sunder” must have been performed thousands of times by the prolific Great Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey

It has just occurred to me that since same sex marriage has been legalised in the Swedish Church, it means that the words of the hymn apply to the newly married same-sex couples too : “What God has joined together, let no man put asunder” (Matthew 19:6, Mark 10; 9)

The Christian Church in Africa is the last bastion of resistance to same sex marriage, literally taking their cue from the Almighty’s first legislation about the matter : “Therefore, a man shall leave his father and his mother, and cleave to his wife, and they shall become one flesh”. (Genesis 2: 24)

The moot question is, do they accept same sex couples/ copulators who have already been blessed in the Swedish Church as per the “What God has joined together,let no man put asunder”?

1974: I first heard this Album on a beautiful summer’s day at Hörnan the excellent little bookshop which was straight ahead on ground floor in this building at Stureplan. I remember the sunlight streaming in me and talking to someone from California in there about the same old story : Court and Spark …..

Absolutely amazing how memory works : maybe because I was thinking about the Swedish Lutheran Church last night, I wake up this morning and the third thing I remember, with absolute clarity going back to circa 1964 when I read the autobiography of Richard Church

– in two parts :

Over the Bridge

and “The Golden Sovereign

is the cure for piles – which I was suffering from- acutely until two days ago. The doctor advices him to take drink a glass of water “first thing in the morning” and that he would then then be or be feeling “as fit as a fiddle

But was it in the first or second part of his autobiography that this advice was given? It stands to reason that because – as far as I know, unlike getting measles or having ones tonsils taken out – both of which happened with me, piles doesn’t “attack” anyone in childhood. So the advice must have been given to him in the second part of his autobiography…

Or did the doctor first exclaim “Fiddlesticks!” (like Jeremy Corbyn?)

Memory has a just improved a little further; it wasn’t for piles but the prospect of gallstones that Church was advised to drink a glass of water first thing in the morning !

” And my wiring is misfiring
due to cigarettes and booze
I just now heard the news….

(J.T : Let it all fall down ) – about Nixon…

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Today is World Refugee Day : 65.5 million souls in our world have been forcibly displaced

June 20th, 2017 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Antidotes to Islamist Radicalisation

Iran, China Hold Naval Drills In Persian Gulf

Sweden : Freedom of speech

Latest Swedish and International News

Ramzy Baroud//The Palestine Chronicle

Brother Nathanael//Evangelist Nathanael

The Gatestone Institute


A few BBC Hardtalk episodes

Dateline London
Swedish Institute for International Affairs

Chatham House

France: Fair: French parliamentary elections 2017 (last night on Aktuellt (Swedish news) Katarina Barrling said that the french are known to be revolutionary in spirit and that revolutions don’t need a “majority”. Not exactly words of comfort to the considerably diminished number of seats where France’s parliamentary opposition used to sit. But the election results were fair enough although the voter turnout was only 44% and Macron & allies fell short of the 450 seats I had pre-estimated – at least there’s still an opposition of sorts; had the opposition fared a lot worse then France would have become a de facto one party state in which Macron politely says, s’il vous plaît and then goes ahead and does exactly as he please. (Think : after the mid-term elections in the US, should the Republicans land a huge majority, then Trump could go on more easily with his hiring and firing not have to be mainly issuing executive orders, one after the other. Repeat: October is not far away….

Best news : It’s time to bring Russia in from the cold : Rapprochement is in the West’s best interests – they won the debate….

Good news : National Gallery of Ireland . My next tourist destination. I love Ireland and was pleasantly surprised to learn that the father of the new Prime Minister of Ireland Leo Varadkar is from India

Lest we get carried away, the name Batra as in Anna Kinberg Batra the wannabe first Swedish female prime minister (like Trump’s “Crooked Hillary”)

Other Good news : SÄPO wakes up and tells us that there are thousands of extremists in Sweden

(As I must not and do not intend to sit on my behind for too long – I refer you to some of what was discussed here in this thread about SÄPO our guardians and proctectors who must be at least one step ahead of the terrorists, otherwise our collective ass is grass….

More good news : Sweden’s economy

Also good news: Hopefully, Ann Heberlein will give a boost to Sweden’s/ Anna Batra’s New Conservatives – she says that integration is of the uttermost importance and that she and her party are the most critically well equipped to ensure the speedy integration of the refugees and other immigrants and those who are yet to arrive in Mother Svea

# Very Important : Brics Summit 2017


Happening now:




(Trump in concert with his Sunni Arab allies seems to be hell-bent on staging a massive third world war in the Middle East – as a result of which – if they go ahead with it (move the US embassy to Jerusalem, attack the Islamic Republic Iran and so forth), a huge nuclear crater will occupy the holy space where they say that Hashem’s holy temple once used to occupy – desolate and uninhabitable maybe until Mashiach arrives by air at the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York or at a much later day at Ben-Gurion airport – assuming that there will still be such place in a few thousand years from now – because – and you don’t have to be a great zaddik, kabbalist, sufi saint, Hindu Satguru, holy rabbi or holy rabbi’s wife to understand that war in the Middle East will result in the desolation that you’ve been reading about in your scriptures.

In the meantime, there are the sycophants who are dancing around Trump as their Messiah – whose only redemptive feature seems to be unholy American fire-power the cause of much suffering, destruction and distress in this vale of tears. It could be dangerous should he at some time come to understand that he’s been had and that’s when he won’t be tantrum twittering covfefe or Lefifi but looking to put his finger on the nuclear trigger and like David Koresh or Jones taking all of his fans with him to kingdom come…

Nota bene : Allah subhanahu ta’ala promised to protect the Quran – Did he make a similar promise about al Quds or Mecca…?

Gaza: I am angry with Netanyahu for cutting electricity to Gaza, knowing that it will affect all the Muslim families this Holy Fast Month of Ramadan. What then did he mean by “Ramadan Kareem”?


Terror attack on mosque in Finsbury Park. Terrorist non-Muslim Englishman ploughs his vehicle into a crowd of Muslim worshippers

(Will preach about that later – after Ramadan – suffice it to say that when I saw the Breaking News (BBC) that it occurred on Seven Sisters Road (recounted here? – my first thoughts went to the zawiyah at Number 277 Seven Sisters Road which used to be a church but had been purchased by a Malaysian Prince and given to Sheikh Nazim al-Haqqani and that’s where I met him: 277 Seven Sisters Road – circa early 1987, and it was a very strong experience – I didn’t like the Sheikh at all – and that’s putting it mildly – in fact – and I’m sorry to say this, I felt very intensely and unmistakably like a primordial feeling in my heart, mind, spirit, soul etc. that he was the most evil person that I had ever met – and this remains true for me, up to this day…. and may I add, I have met a lot of very advanced spiritual personalities in spiritual realms.Perhaps, if he was not the devil then I was getting a glimpse of the evil within me? May the Almighty have mercy on us all.

Second thoughts:I had nothing against the Sheikh – his secretary had wanted me to meet a Somali Muslim lady who was a lawyer and lived in Norway, I had read some of his books which I found in Denmark -and spoken warmly about him to some others who later on became his disciples. My irritation could be traced back to what I narrated here . In addition I was irritated by all the adulation and adoration from his fans and his staff which he carried like a wizard’s magic wand. He gave me the shivers…

More pleasant matters : Yesterday, the Brexit divorce proceedings began

We have two years of excitement ahead of us and whether it’s going to be a hard Brexit or a soft exit, hard or soft or no Brexit at all no one knows. All we know is that Lady May says that no deal at all is better than a bad deal. The poor buggers at least know that half a loaf is better than no bread at all. Last night I listened ( BBC) to what sounded like a level-headed Kallum Pickering

just before David Davis (UK chief negotiator) and Michel Barnier (The EU’s chief negotiator)

gave their news conference

The most memorable line I remember from that news conference is David Davis quoting Sir Winston Churchill to the EU and of course the Germans:

The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees possibility in every difficulty.

Unfortunately for David Davis (also a very rememberable name – like Donald Davie from whom I learned a little about breathing and poetry) Davis took some flak for quoting Sir Winston

Personally, I thought that to the Germans, the remaining axis and economic powerhouse of the EU, even a whiff of Sir Winston’s holy spirit would sound like uncharacteristic stiff upper lip British boasting, Britannia, India, Empire, Prince Andrews’ “fresh grass“, the Commonwealth etc.

I’ll be making more sense of what’s ahead when I read Bernard Porter (an old/veteran British lefty) – which may sound a little weird, since he’s an historian and we tend to believe that their main concern is not what’s ahead but what’s behind; however, his blog, Porter’s Pensées despite this instance of British concessions to the spelling of pensées, his blog is very much, an always contemporary, conscionable, fascinating humane left perspective on British and Swedish politics….

Today is World Refugee Day : 65.5 million souls in our world have been forcibly displaced

What’s your reaction?
Who is in charge ?
Who is responsible?
Who is his brother’s keeper?

As soon as it’s a matter of ethics – people turn to the sacred scriptures
of planet earth’s world religions for a prescription and readily seek and find compassion from the Gita, Mother Teresa (not to be confused with Theresa Mayhem), Buddha, Bible, Quran and even religions and movements that you haven’t yet heard about – for all you know there might be a trillion more stars and planets out there and as many religions and some religious wars going on out there,

about which the Almighty Himself asks Job – and by extension contemporary scienists like Richard Dawkins:

Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation?
Tell me, if you understand.
Who marked off its dimensions? Surely you know!
Who stretched a measuring line across it?
On what were its footings set,
or who laid its cornerstone—
while the morning stars sang together
and all the angels shouted for joy?

(Job 38 )

If Climate change has still not united the world, it will probably take some external / extra terrestrial aggression (from a more technologically advanced civilisation) to unite the world. (We have arrived at the use of the cellphone but this civilisation which knows how to wash their hands and to clean the anus, has yet to be able to “read” mental waves. Some call it advanced spiritual technology/ philosophy.)

A tiny fraction of the 65.5 displaced souls are on their way to Europe where generous asylum for Muslims is said to have reached a saturation point with immigration policies now at the heart of European consciousness as never before after the Second World War, the hearts more hardened after terror attacks in Europe, an increasingly xenophobic consciousness led by people like Trump the “Make America great again” Evangelist with an “America First” mentality, that some 65.5 million fellow humans are non-Europeans and therefore why should they want to find all the milk and honey and safety in Europe, in the West – in the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand – maybe even the Falkland Islands?

They ask, rationally, why not Saudi Arabia and the filthy rich Gulf States
for Muslim refugees? Shouldn’t those be the best places for Muslims – at least Sunni Muslim “refugees on the unarmed road of flight”?

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