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So tomorrow is the 1st of May?

Most outrageous of all :Egypt : 720 Muslim Brotherhood supporters sentenced to death by the court of the Interim Pharaoh of Egypt. Hosni Mubarak freed. President Morsi and thousands of top members of the Muslim Brotherhood have been detained, many imprisoned and of course many have been killed. The Brotherhood has been declared a terrorist organisation and banned, so they cannot take part in El Sisi’s one man horse race of an election. Where is the outrage? If Hamas (the Palestinian Muslim Brotherhood ) were to be meted the same kind of treatment by Israel, the world’s reaction would have been very different indeed…

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For some days now this news item has been causing some predictable outrage here in Sweden:

A Swedish trainee teacher was asked to leave the classroom because the pupils were about to discuss a film with black actors and her presence could “inhibit the debate”.

Whatever next?

Here are some crude analogies:

1. Representatives of African member states at the United Nations should have vacated the UN General Assembly when the sensitive race issue of the then Apartheid South Africa was going to be discussed so as not to offend the delicate sensitivities of Hitler’s Aryan race.

2. President Obama and other Black members of Congress, the Senate and the House of Representatives should vacate the premises whenever race or civil rights issues are being discussed

3. Nyamko Sabuni should not be present when black and beautiful female genital issues are being discussed because the human members of the white race will be able to speak their minds more freely when Lady Sabuni is not present…

The fallout from Donald Sterling and his racist comments tarnishing the face of International basketball, is going global, unabated, and he still has not repented.


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My son Nathan, waxing nostalgic

If his mother’s father were here with us today, he would probably be beaming with some satisfaction about the latest opinion polls

However, the race is not over till it’s over and anything/ something/s can happen before 14th September, to turn the tide of popular opinion in favour of the now moribund Alliance.

The title of this blog update came into orbit after, out of the blue, a friend from St. Lucia phoned earlier today to request that we link up at Medborgarplatsen tomorrow. I asked why and was told it’s the First of May and that it should be kosher that people of colour should make their presence both felt and seen on May Day. Yours truly has his own plans.

Tonight/ this evening in Sweden it’s Valborg also known as Valborgsmässoafton, the night before the First of May – the night when people stare into the fire, for hours and hours. When the deeply religious Muslims and Christians look into those fires they must surely get a rough idea of hell which is said to be on a much grander scale; in early Christianity it’s Gehenna and in Islam the bonfires of hell Jahannam are fires fuelled with stones and the bones of sinful men…

Relatively speaking, the First of May has fallen into desuetude since what some people celebrate as “the fall” of the Soviet Empire, but it must still be a Great Day at the Red Square in Moscow and in all of the Republics of the former Soviet Union that are still maintaining that tradition. I’m 100% positive that tomorrow after the Solidarity Marches in Moscow and the rest of the Russian Federation, President Vladimir Putin’s popularity which is currently at 85% will peak to about 90% whilst the criminals (the illegal government in Kiev) who have with violence taken power from a democratically elected government that was recognised by the EU – they will soon be rueing the day and damning the hour that is going to mark the beginning of the end of their days in the life of power in what was once Ukraine.

As someone observed in Dateline London last week, the bleary-eyed Arseniy had anticipated that his illegal interim government was going to be injected with a twenty billion dollar cash flow injection from Fort Knox, Wall Street, the IMF , the Bank of Sweden and the likes of Khodorkovsky and so Arseny is still recovering from the shock of Uncle Sam only giving him a paltry $ 50 million and telling him that the sum should be dedicated to fighting corruption.

When the IMF, the World Bank and other loans from such institutions are in the pipeline, some members of governments which might be shouting most loudly about Democracy but are still foreigners to the practice of democracy, are the very ones who are often the most anxious to get their fingers on some of that money. There is the saying that “the patient dog gets the fattest bone” – that being the case, why then did the so called interim Government seated in Kiev not wait till the 25th of May for an election that would have been held throughout Ukraine to duly elect the next government, of the people, for the people by the people, just as we are patiently waiting till the 14th of September to hold democratic elections in Sweden?

If Sverigedemokrater/ the Sweden Democrats (God forbid) had staged a coup and got Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt and vice Prime Minister Jan Björklund and our foreign minister Carl Bildt on the run, with the latter fleeing to Washington with his tail between his legs, he Mr. Bildt himself would then of course not be supporting the interim government stationed in Stockholm. So, why then is he supporting those who have deposed the democratically elected president of Ukraine? Where are his principles?

The First of May may still be a big day within the International Socialist Movement but perhaps as a result of the Social Democrats moving towards the centre, it’s no longer such a great day in Sweden, certainly not as great a day as it used to be, and the number of people taking part in First of May demonstrations has dwindled considerably, in this country.

But it’s still a great day for Sweden’s Social Democrats, Sweden’s Left Party and all of the forever disgruntled and dissatisfied among the Solidarity Movements in China, India, Germany and Ukraine. In Sweden, several units from the army of the unemployed will be parading with their banners and chanting their slogans. In Spain and Greece where unemployment is over 25%, several battalions from the army of the unemployed will be waving their red banners chanting their slogans and threatening the incumbent governments that cannot solve their problems with extinction at the very next elections…

What remains to be figured out is exactly what the First of May means to Mr. Reinfeldt’s Moderate Party which in the run-up to the last elections he described as Sweden’s New Workers’ party Could it be that Birgit Friggebo will be doing a repeat of the choirmaster role in Rinkeby in 1992, this time leading the Conservative members of her choir when they burst out in song, the song being, “We shall overcome” ?

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