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Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da – the world as it is, goes on after Olof Palme

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Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da – the world as it is, goes on after Olof Palme

2016 Academy Awards

Sweden’s Alicia Vikander bags Oscar – Congratulations!

Catholic Church Abuse – ” enormous mistakes

The commission found that Catholic priests and nuns had terrorised thousands of boys and girls for decades …”

boys and girls

Once upon a time, as reported,Jesus said “Let the children come to me!

Refugees riot at Greece-Macedonia border

IRAN elections . “Reformists“make gains (of course reformists – but they are not about “reforming” Islam. One good sign is that of late we have not been hearing much vitriol about “The Great Satan” or “the little Satan “ – the more “politically correct” terminology issuing from the lips of super mullahs is more about “Global Arrogance“, a slightly more polite euphemism for the United States – and we should not lose sight of the fact that arrogance and inordinate pride, Kibr is believed to be one of the characteristics of the Satanic…


Ob-la-di ob-la-da life goes on bra
La-la how the life goes on

30 years later, 200-300 more tips to the police yesterday, 2 to 3 of them very interesting. Like the gospels and some other Christian writings published more than thirty years after the crucifixion of Jesus.

The other saying that comes to mind: closing the stable door after the horse has bolted

The Government’s commemoration of the anniversary of Olof Palme’s death, including Speech by Prime Minister Stefan Löfven at memorial for Olof Palme

Seventy-one (71) days before the fateful 28th of February 1986 – in the middle of the mad Christmas shopping rush, I met Olof Palme nose-to-nose and face-to-face at the jazz section of Academy Bookshop at Odenplan. It was amazing. I had been rummaging through the stacks of records looking for – it must have been Horace Silver, Errol Garner and my man McCoy Tyner, when something made me look to my left and there he was, my nose almost touching his nose, that close – but my only reaction was that my mouth opened wide – like Muhammad Ali’s when he was still Cassius Clay, “the Louisville lip”. When Mr. Palme saw me open my mouth wide like that (and it remained open) my nose almost touching his, thunderstruck and dumbfounded he probably thought that I was soon on the brink of a hysterical fit and would start shouting – maybe about Angola, South Africa and Mozambique – but before I even had time to think he jumped up/ flipped himself up and in mid-air turned/ flipped round (like Fred Astaire) – his back now towards me and so I returned to my search more pensive than before – in fact I quite forgot about him for a while – found what I was looking for and to my surprise – he had also found the music he was looking for and had now joined the queue – but no one – not even one good, friendly citizen was talking to him, like “Hello Prime Minister” or “so good to see you!” “Merry Christmas!How’s Lisbet?” – not a word (the cold treatment) – as if he wasn’t there – but it wasn’t that – it was good Swedish citizens showing respect for him and respecting his privacy, otherwise, I would have joined him in the queue and asked him if he had found the Benny Goodman that he was looking for because I know that he liked Benny Goodman.

“ Not a word!” – those were the words that Kjell-Olof Feldt uttered still in his dressing gown when he was informed about the murder of Olof Palme on 28th February 1986.

Sure, for various reasons, many people hated Mr. Palme. There’s a little incident that I told of here about one such person who hated and really cursed Mr. Palme for being the reason why I am in his (the curser’s) country, Sweden.

Yesterday, was exactly 30 years to the day that Mr. Palme was murdered – shot in the back, by his assassin. When I heard that the assassin had run up those stairs by Tunnelgatan – my first fear was that he had gone to hide in the mosque at Apelbergsgatan

And that if indeed it was a Muslim that had Killed Mr. Palme then the consequences for all Muslims in Sweden would be similar to the situation for all Palestinians should (God forbid) a Palestinian terrorist have been found guilty of gunning down or knifing the Prime Minister of Israel

Fast forward…

On the horizon (so I’ve been told and you ain’t seen nothing yet) in about two months’ time, big trouble is going to hit the fan in the Middle East. Why? Because Russia also wants to be mighty! That’s why a lady with soul like Condoleezza Rice (being much more knowledgeable and much more musical) would be much more effective and much more pragmatic in relations with nuclear Super-Power Russia, than e.g. Bill’s Cuddly Old Lady Hillary!

Henrik Berggren the author of Olof Palme’s biography gives a portrait of the slain martyr in yesterday’s DN :

Olof Palme – the aristocrat who became a socialist

In yesterday’s SVD Ulf Bjereld discusses a topic that is on many peoples’ minds:

Is a policy in Palme’s spirit possible today?”

Several Swedes give their views :

Today’s wars would have affected Palme deeplyh

Most importantly this appeal penned by Pierre Schori:

Complete Palme’s unfinished struggle for freedom from nuclear weapons

And the world goes on after Olof Palme. Perhaps, the world may have seen a slightly different course of action in e.g. Iraq, if Olof Palme had been the Secretary-General of the United Nations, at the time – instead of Kofi Annan – after Colin Powell, using his walking stick had pointed out Saddam’s alleged launching sites for his weapons of mass destruction – pointed them out with his stick on the UN Blackboard and Tony B’liar had thrown the fear of the nuclear and the God of Plutonium into the hearts of all members of the British House of Commons, not with a message of “Trust in the Lord!” but with someting that I followed live and direct on SKY TV, when he spoke exactly along these lines: – lissen up you guys and dolls sitting here on your haunches in such luxury, ease and comfort – do you know that Saddam can deploy in thirty minutes?!!!? That did it – did the trick and in a jiffy Lord Goldsmith was signing the War Act from which minute on Great Britain was officially at War – something like the cross-Atlantic Reagan-Thatcher relationship about Gadhafi who Mr. Re-gun had called “a mad dog” … now the mad dog was Saddam….the rest is still history.

If Olof Palme had been the Secretary-General of the UN at the time, he would have put up such a fuss – about not going to war – maybe aided by Hans Blix and at the minimum I suppose that he (Palme) would have even threatened to resign from his position to cause at least a delay and thus more needed time for further reflection; but poor protégé Kofi (not coffee) Madeleine Albright’s godson didn’t put up much of a fight – and to our distress -we all saw him being treated in exactly the same way that Basil (John Cleese) usually treats Manuel in “Fawlty Towers” : “Si senor”) (“ Yes boss” ) – in the colonial days it was “ Yessa massa!” in post-colonial days the house negro has no choice but to bow slightly, smile and say, “Yes Sir “ (Master) , ” Yes Madam “)

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