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Silk Road Summit

The Islamic Republic of IRAN : Presidential elections today ! Hassan Rouhani is of proven mettle and given that after 119 days in office President Trump kick-starts his very first trip abroad, not in Iran but in Saudi Arabia (Iran’s arch-enemy) and from there to a not so good friend, Israel, and from there to Papa Francis 1 to pray that America becomes God-fearing and great again and to beg God’s forgiveness, with sincere promises not to do it again) the majority of Iranians should prefer not to be further isolated from the wild west, because such isolation has economic consequences even if his conservative opponent, 56 year old Ebrahim Raisi is promising to triple the amount of money that is going to be given to the poor.

London : Julian Assange is a very happy man today because the Swedish prosecutor has decided to drop the rape charge investigations against him

France : After a few days in office, President Macron’s first trip abroad is to Mali.

NIGERIA: Cause for celebration : Through negotiations, 62 of the Chibok Girls that were kidnapped by Boko Haram, have regained their freedom in exchange for the release of five Boko Haram warriors from prison…

Denmark :

This kind of anti-Semitism is reprehensible in 21st century, post-Holocaust Europe and should neither be permitted nor encouraged.

Third World War

Putin Warns Against WW3

Ha ha ha : Netanyahu not invited to go with Trump to Western Wall as US official says it’s part of West Bank

The military exercise Aurora //Aurora-17

Yesterday (Thursday) Sweden’s Minister of Defence Peter Hultqvist met USA’s Mad Dog Mattis

By Peter Hultqvist Sweden’s Minister of Defence and Micael Bydén Sweden’s Supreme Commander (Military) :

Risk of disinformation about the military exercise Aurora

Sweden : The other night, could you believe it a party leaders’ debate in which every party leader was brilliantly themselves. It’s absolutely clear to me that Jonas Sjöstedt the leader of the Left Party is closer to Jesus and Muhammad (S.A.W.) than e.g. Jimmie Åkesson. We will bear this in mind when they start discussing “Swedish values” and we won’t forget what we bear in mind when it’s voting time.

A devastating report in yesterday’s DN, about the new wave of violence sweeping over our big cities, Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö, : The Men Who Shoot

Bilan Osman has started a series of articles in DN on the very sensitive subject of Islam and the prospects of reform. Reform perfection?

Her articles are going to provoke a debate, at least in this country. Hopefully, Muslim voices will be heard and will prevail over the voices of Islam’s most hostile critics, the Jews and the kuffar.

Praise God! The jihadists exhorted their local supporters to last minute terrorist attacks but their exhortations must have fallen on deaf ears; in any case they did not succeed in disrupting the French Presidential elections!

The democratic world needs Macron to succeed” says Bernard-Henri Lévy

In the same spirit, in equal measure, the democratic world should also need the Kurds to succeed so that “Independent Kurdistan will be a shining star” wishes Bernard-Henri Lévy and other well wishers.

What kind of optimism does he have about an independent Palestinian State, I wonder. There, the man of the new moment is Ismail Haniya the new political leader of HAMAS

Bad News: Michael Moore filming Donald Trump documentary Fahrenheit 11/9

More trouble : Congo-Kinshasa

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