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“En Sång till modet”.

Last night my wife and I and a few other friends walked over to Hörnet which is in Enskede to have a great time, and some wine… Among the comedians and artists who entertained us we had the pleasure of listening to the inimitable Stefan Ringbom’s repertoire for the evening. It was unadulterated  nostalgia, covering the period 1968 – when it all started, some say at the Sorbonne and extending through the Vietnam War and the seventies: he ripped the songs off  one after the other culminating in Vysotsky’s “Wolf Hunt” /Vargjakten ( all in Swedish)



After which  we all sang – with him – the grand finale: Mikael Wiehe’s “En Sång till modet”. May I remind you of what you already know: Mikael Wiehe won the Martin Luther King Prize in 2005 and the lyrics of this song are wholly in that spirit:


 Bottom line of course is, that in speaking of diversity – and tolerance  – as Mahatma Gandhi said, WE could be the change that we would like to see in others – in this world.

 Here’s a translation of that song:”En Sång till modet” / “A Song for Courage.”

by Mikael Wiehe /translated by Erik Stinus

This is a song for courage,
a little simple song
to all who trust the day will break
and end the night so long.
This is a song for courage,
a tune to help us dare,
though some may think it is absurd
I sing it: we are here.

This is a song for courage,
for smiles and joy and hope,
to all who trust the strength of love
that can with hatred cope;
to all who unite and stand up
to never drop their case;
to all who know how hard it is
and yet will say their “yes”.

This is a song for courage
to those who dare to see,
to those who won’t be silenced,
but talk straight of things to be;
to those who are building bridges;
to those who open doors,
believing that what should be done
can mankind do, of course.

This is a song for ev’ryone
refusing to give up,
for those who keep on fighting hard
though bitter was their cup,
for those who still dare to long for
what they have never seen,
for those who do not bend or bow
but stand there, proud and keen.

This is a song for courage,
it is from me to you,
a little simple song to sing,
my hope is in it too.
So guard it well, learn it, hum it
– and if you do, it’s bound
to grow and spread, this simple tune
the whole wide World around.

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