Desperately Seeking Sweden

Christine Demsteader embarks on a journey around Sweden in 56 and a half days

Day 57

I said 56 and a half days, didn’t I?  And right on cue, or almost, I am typing this on the delayed 10.25 train from Karlstad to Stockholm – yep, cheers to Swedish Rail for the memory. 

Having become accustomed to life on the road with a rucksack, this final journey comes with mixed emotions. Cheers to all of you that followed and a special thanks to the kind folk who went out of their way to show me their bit of Sweden – Matt and Lindy in Tärnaby, Linda in Arvidsjaur, Anna-Maria in Borlänge and Ben in Linköping.

A quick count up reveals I made it to 34 places – I’ll leave you with just a few of my personal highs and lows below. Sweden has been desperately sought. Sorted. 

Lasting memory:
Sauna and swim in the Torne River, Sunday 5, July, 4am:  Pajala

Place I could happily live the rest of my life without feeling the need to return:

Favourite Swede encounter:
Sune Häggmark, Orrviken

Newfound talent: 
Fly-fishing, Tärnaby

Museum to miss:
The “only matchstick museum in the world,” Jönköping

Place where people are nearly as hard as those in Hull:

Least favourite animal encounter:
Horse, Gotland 

Something I had never experienced before:
Nudism, Malmö

Surprisingly interesting tourist attraction:
Waterfalls, Trollhättan

Longest walk from train station to tourist information office:

Must-see place in Sweden:

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