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Norrkoping Police – Quickly Loosing Face

Norrkoping, in- fact the Swedish police in general have not got the best reputation from what I hear, stating that they have not got a lot of “experience” inn dealing with serious crime. Here are a few instances I know of:

1) The Local  Hells Angels “prospect club” was told by the Norrkoping police that they will be shut down by 1st Jan 2010 – but the news came through that they were granted full membership to the Hells Angels, which was a slap in the face to the local police force.

2) The leader of a criminal gang arrested in Norrkoping in eastern Sweden on drug charges walked free on Saturday when Norrkoping Police left him unattended in an exercise yard.

3) Two local models dress in …a short skirt and very low-cut chemise, half see-through, instead of being given a ticket by Norrkoping police for driving at 140km in a 70km zone were asked for a pictures!

And recently there was a break in at a block of flats in the Norrkoping area I live in, now reports from locals are that the police were questioning the local residents i a “not very friendly manner at all, accusing the residents of “not being proactive enough” in personally confronting the criminals (and possibly putting them selves at risk) and questioning the integrity of a couple of residents, who were pensioners.

I personally was amazed that when I was questioned about the incident and told police that I saw some strangers looking dodgy at the time of the crime, I wasn’t even asked what they looked like! Now I’m no expert but for the police to turn around public opinion and faith in Norrkoping surely they have to change A LOT… I’m sure you may have some good deeds from police, haven’t you.

I’d love to hear them.

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