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Varför får man inte säga negerboll när man får säga vitlök?

Racism…Usually walks hand in hand with it’s drooling cousin ignorance. You’d think that so many years on from the days of Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, segregation etc that we’d come a bit further down the line. But it seems that as the world’s borders grow closer together and we as races mix together more we open ourselves up more to casual attacks on ones race.

Now, the main point of this post (that I will get around to) is a wonderful t-shirt that I saw once, which I have also seem as a pin-badge and a sticker. Some one’s attempt and witty satire on racial political correctness gone wrong.

Now, I believe that in order to stop racism we need to stop seeing colours. Simply said, never simply done. For example, one only has to dig into a collection of modern music, TV and films to find all sorts of examples of people of one or another colour pointing out that they are one or another colour…I’ve said it before (just now in fact) and I’ll say it again, to stop racism we need to stop seeing colours.

Modern comedy…it’s also to blame. In the 70s and 80s, English comedy was rife with racism, although at the time it was in innocence to some extent. A truly funny sitcom went something like this: White family lives in a house, black family moves next door..hilarity ensues! Ho ho ho! Now-a-days of course comedy is much different, it’s a bit like this: Comedian takes the stage and says “have you seen those people who have a different skin colour to some other people, why, those with one skin colour do these things different to the other people”….ho ho ho hilarity ensues!

Obama…he’s black! Wow! Lets all worship that fact! OK, it’s a bit better than if we believe Michael Moore’s claims that George W found a way of ensuring that a large percentage of black voters had their votes nullified (read Stupid White Men for more info on this) but for me it was quite sickening to see the amount of people happy at the fact Obama had been voted into office, and the reason for this glee was the fact that he was black….. I’ll say it once again, we need to stop seeing colours! Now, just before anyone thinks that I have something against the Big O, I think he’s doing a great job there in the oval office so far, good on ya man! But I didn’t know that on the night he got elected. I fact I didn’t know that the second he got into office he wouldn’t start WW3, and neither did anyone else. See what I’m getting at here? It’s 2010 and some people are still lost in the fact that in this big world some people are different colours from other people. If a black man went for a job interview and he got the job because the boss said “wow, you’re black!”…just have a think about that. I’m sure he was a lot better vote than the other guy but am I wrong that a large percentage of people probably didn’t know that? Just for the record…..Obama…high five, you’re kicking ass.

We need to stop seeing colours. Now I understand that I might sound like I’m suggesting to “sweep the problem under the rug” but why is there a problem? It’s not a solid fact of course but I believe that the reason we have any sort of racial unrest is because we keep allowing media and opinions which reinforce that people who have different coloured skin must be different from each other and should therefore be treated so.

I was watching an episode of Judge Judy a while back. God that woman infuriates me. But anyway, the case (simplified) was something like this. A (black) police officer had stopped a car driven by a white man and his half-Mexican son. The police man had been rather rough handed to the Mexican boy and the boy accused him of racism. When this claim was voiced Judy laughed, along with most of the audience. She even asked the policeman to verify his colour (and the fact that his girlfriend was Puerto Rican). In her world it was impossible for an African American to be racist because he himself was black….. where does that logic come from? Racism doesn’t just mean a white guy picking on a black guy. Of course, you all know this.

I’d just like to touch upon the subject of Nazis and Jews. Why do Nazis and neo-nazis (such as Combat 18 and the KKK) hate Jews? Of course I would guess that it’s mostly something to do with Hitler. The thing is, if you know your history (if you can’t be bothered to read a book just watch the TV for a bit, a program on Hitler will be on sooner or later) the only reason Hitler wanted the Jews gone was that he felt 1930s Germany was becoming over crowded and run by them and that if they were removed then Germany would be returned to it’s former glory.

As far as I know we no one lives in 1930s Germany anymore so….where does this come from?

Of course I could also go as far to point out that Neo-Nazis in the USA and Australia are fighting to kick blacks out of a country that was once inherited and taken from peoples that were far from Aryan…again, you all know this.

So….now we’ve had a little poke at the stumbling relative of racism, ignorance and I’d like to answer the question posed on t-shirts, stickers and badges in many shops here in liberal Sweden.

Varför får man inte säga negerboll när man får säga vitlök?”

Translated into English it means: “Why can’t we say niggerball (the old Swedish name for chocolate balls that you can buy in just about any food store) but we can say garlic (the Swedish word for garlic is “vitlök” translated directly into English “white onion”).

Answer: Because WHITE is a colour and NIGGER is a completely derogatory racist insulting term you ignorant prick, now get that T-Shirt off and burn it before I burn you!


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5 responses to “Varför får man inte säga negerboll när man får säga vitlök?”

  1. Rachel says:

    Great post! :-)
    It really infuriates me when people judge others by the colour of their skin.

    I think many people fear what they don’t know or understand. Making judgements without knowledge or experience and often making sweeping stereotypical statements, that if they really thought about it and asked themselves WHY they said it or thought that way… well I bet they would have no real answer or reason.

    I am a white female and while I have never experienced racism in the way that many people have around the world – I too wish that everyone could see without colour, to see the person on the inside not the colour on the outside.

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  2. Jacob says:

    That picture up there is actually the first time I’ve ever seen the “Varför får man inte säga…” in print. I’ve heard it said a few times. I.e. I’ve heard the same guy repeat it several times. One guy. I’m Swedish. I’ve lived in Sweden my entire life. I consider the joke rather bad taste though – and I certainly wouldn’t buy such a shirt if I saw it.

    I would’ve guessed that you’re American, except for your spelling of the word “colour”. So if you’re not American, maybe who’s president in the USA isn’t as relevant to you as it is to…you know, Americans?

    I was born in the seventies and started school in the eighties. In school I was taught a lot of things. Among those were that the word “neger” was an imported word and came from the latin where the word for “black” is “Niger” (via Spanish, and Portuguese where black = Neger).

    I bought a lot of “Negerbollar” when I was younger. Never once did I associate the name with Africans. They were black and they were round, and I thought the name was in no way strange to me then. In no way associated with skin colour. Then we entered the PC Era. Now, because we’ve had it hammered into us for so long – no one can say the word “negerboll” without thinking of a skin colour. Some use it still – not necessarily because they have anything against people of other races. Simply as a form of defiance against the powers that be. The powers that try to control how we think. The powers of NewSpeak. The word “negerbollar” has never meant “Nigger balls”. I think you know that, whateveryournameis.

    What is your take on the names of the countries “Niger” and “Nigeria” btw.? Have you called their embassies to tell them what a completely derogatory racist insulting term (you ignorant prick) they use for their country?

    Oh, I see now in your profile that you call yourself a “tree hugger”. Are you an animal friend too? Those poor birdies are STARVING in this cold winter. You would really help them out by going to the store and getting them some bird seeds!

    Some of the most common bird seeds sold here in Sweden are named “negerfrön”. The Swedish word for “seeds” is “frön”. They are black.


    P.s. Perhaps you should read up a bit more on the subject of antisemitism. Hitler certainly wasn’t the first antisemite around. Since you’re British, I suggest e.g. looking up “Edict of expulsion”.

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  3. gregelk says:

    Hi Jacob!

    Some nice words there, thanks for writing.

    Ok…in response!

    1 – Yes I am from the UK, it actually says on the right hand side in the ABOUT ME (WHO THE HELL AM I?) section. Hence, yes, I can spell the word “colour” 😉 With reference to the who Obama thing, I think the whole world kinda cares as what the US president does seems to start affecting other places sooner or later. Take George W for example bringing the UK into the Iraq war. But with respect to what I wrote was more the mania of people supporting Obama based on nothing other than his skin colour. It’s a move forward but it shouldn’t be as, we should already be there if you get what I mean?

    2 – The word for “black” in Spanish and Portuguese is “Negro” (not “neger”) which is almost certainly where that came from. In fact though I think you’ll find that these days most Latin speaking countries tend to use the word “nero” instead just to stop any confusion that it could be seen a a racist term.

    3 – I was also born in the 70s and of course we had a lot of similar things in the UK, one of the first to go was the “Gollywog” ( from the back of our marmalade jars, soon Enid Blyton’s “Noddy” books had to be re-written to exclude the Gollywog from them too. As you, I never once associated this with black people. I do however think the word “neger” in Swedish, despite any debate as to where it might have orginaly come from, these days means the same as the English “nigger” – a derogatory term. I think, just as you if I had grown up in Sweden I probably would have never linked the name “negerbollar” with the word “nigger” either. These days though it is a different matter and I think should be changed. Were they called “svartbollar” to start with, well, no problem. For example in the UK changing the name (and even colour) of the blackboards in schools….dumb. Americans changing the name of powercuts from “blackout” to “brownout”…dumb, that’s PC gone mad. If it wasn’t though, how is brownout better than blackout…?

    I understand that some people refuse to not, not use the word “neger” I’ve heard it a lot since I’ve lived here and I can kind of side with you a bit when you say that they won’t change because to them it’s not linked to racism (just ties in with what I said that we need to stop seeing colours) but on the other hand, whether meant as a racist term or not …it is. Even if if was originated from Latin the word for “black” in Swedish is “svart” (as you and I both know) so…well, you can see where I’m going with this. I’m trying to think of another example…say the word “kiss” in English, meaning “to pee” in Swedish. You wouldn’t use one in the wrong context and excuse it as coming from English…kinda, ah, I’ll think of a better example at 5am, but you’re not dumb and sure you know what I mean.

    4 – Niger and Nigeria are both spelled and pronounced differently, With a soft “g” pronounced like a “J”, not a hard “g” like in “nigger”. Different words. I’m not really up to phoning the embassies this time of night, you’re welcome to do it and ask them what they think and let me know. I’d rather watch Family Guy.

    5 – Birds are fed on a regular basis with fågelbollar from ICA. Have never seen or bought negerfrön, in fact never heard of it before tonight. Again another remnant of a more innocent time perhaps.

    6 – Regarding Hitler and Jews, you’ll notice that it was actually a question that I asked as I didn’t know the answer…and I’ve googled “Edict of expulsion” and given myself a bit more of an education on antisemitism, thank you, Gregelk is a litte bit smarter tonight and should it come up in a pub quiz soon well then, I guess I owe you a beer. Still doesn’t really explain why neo-nazis don’t like Jews though.

    Thanks for writing! Whether you agree or not it’s nice to know someone is reading and I welcome the comments!

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  4. Sarah says:

    With regards to your comment that after MLK and Rosa Parks we should be over colours by now, and shouldn’t give people jobs based on their colours, what’s your opinion about Affirmative Action (in the US and South Africa), and then something in South Africa called Black Enterprise Empowerment, where there is a hierarchy in the employment scheme? First comes black women, then black men, then white women, then white men. And this is all to “go against the past of apartheid”. It doesn’t make any difference if you’re a white man applying for a job that you are more than qualified to do, if there is someone higher up on the hierarchy chain applying for the same job with less qualifications, chances are you won’t get the job. To go against racism in the job market, racism is used to employ people. Whatever happened to achievement based employment?

    In our societies today we’re inadvertantly taught that different is wrong, but it isn’t, it’s just different. So many of our racial problems and conflicts stem from not understanding each other’s cultures. You should check out a book called “Foreign to Familiar” by Sarah Lanier. She splits up the human population into two groups: cold climate culture, and warm climate culture (nothing to do with the weather). Cold climate cultures are time oriented, time is everything. Warm climate cultures are relatioship oriented, the person is everything. So when you have a white Cold climate culture person trying to work with a black warm climate culture person, conflicts ensue and ideas are formed based on colour. “He’s [random colour here], doesn’t understand, therefore he is inferior”. And this is where racism starts.

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  5. gregelk says:

    Very interesting Sarah, of course I will check out the book you mentioned.

    Different is “wrong”. There is an interesting concept right? Different is just (as you say) different, and of course, circumstantial (jeez i spelled that right!) ie: a black guy living in for example the very northern parts of Finland or a white guy living in the middle of Africa.

    Affirmative Action I Have always thought means well but is still a bad idea in many ways, again it’s circumstantial and (wait for it, I’m gonna try and write a long word again) geographical (phew!). That northern Finnish town might have a hard time filling the “we must have this many non-whites working for us”, of course plucking the not-so good just to fill in quota. Discrimination AGAINST employment etc, now that needs to be addressed. Goes further than skin colour also though right? It goes to looks, background etc etc. For example as a 34-year old with tattoos and long dreadlocks it wouldn’t be so easy for me to get a job in a bank as they would probably think I wasn’t the right guy for the job even though I may have the right qualifications. Of course, my look is a choice but then that should be my choice right? (I can feel the subject for my next blog coming on…)

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