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October 13th, 2010 by stillemma

So here it is. My blog dedicated to the very-soon-to-be move to Sweden.

I’d like to say that I am prepared and this blog is just the icing on the cake, but as it happens, I am not.

The reason for moving? Kärlek

I met my Swede over a year ago now and within 6 months he had moved to be with me in London, taking a year out on his studies. I have therefore, had a year to prepare for this, knowing that after his year gap, he will be returning to Sweden and I shall be going with him. And yet I find myself absurdly unorganised.

This blog will soon detail my new life in Sweden and the experiences I have found, but for now, it will show you all the moving procedure and the challenges along the way.

Currently I work in London for a marketing agency. It’s a good job. I enjoy it, I have a good salary for my age (just turned 25) and it is sociable. Despite this, I am certain I will not regret leaving it behind. The reason being, I am young and taking time out is not frowned upon in this industry, in fact, in some circumstances it is a plus!

So my preparation so far has included:

  • Moving back in with my parents for a month in Dec in an attempt to save some cash to take over with me.
  • Selling unwanted/ unneeded items via ebay and car boots in an attempt to raise additional funds.
  • Learning Swedish via an adult course in South Kensington. This was really helpful and I now have a good basis but I am still worried how quickly fluency will come to me!
  • Forming an emotional DEtachment to many of my clothes and shoes as I know I will not be able to take them all with me. Sigh.

Things I still need to do:

  • Hand in my notice. This is something I am reallllly dreading as it is not expected (at least I think so).
  • Have a confirmed plan as to what the hell I am going to do in Sweden!

Ok, so what to do in Sweden? I have an idea of course, but as of yet, nothing is signed and sealed.

I want to study Swedish full-time for a year to get myself nice and Svenska, but I will still need to fund this via a part time job. I am not sure what kind of jobs don’t require fluent Swedish. In most countries you can fund your studies via a waitressing job or retail assistant, but when you do not speak the language I do not think this is an easy option for me.

Back to the drawing board. Any ideas?

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