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To Anna

June 29th, 2010 by hmalik

Dreams are all; I have

And endless; fruitless; pain

That’s sister to my soul;

Like days and nights and rain

And deserts, endless deserts

Where I am lost again

While I had no intentions

To sing the songs and play

While I had no intentions

To step upon this way

And I had no intentions

To jump around and sway

You made me just forget

What I am going through

It’s not the morning rays

That glow my face alive

I ‘m sure my dearly friend

It’s none but only you

So when the days are grey

And nights are cold and long

When smiles are stolen treasure

And life can’t sing, no song

I wish to have you all

I want you all along

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O Love

May 20th, 2010 by hmalik

O love, my love, my lost riches

I must let you; now know that thee

In emptiness of heart ´were bred

And deep in darkened soul you live

When sun leaves shadows; as his spies

And stars take over empty skies

When pain and pleasure mix, at times

When passion, for some reasons, dies

When all I need is smile to live

And need you so much; so to jive

But for a person stuck in chores

Desires are no more than the whores

And I am curbing all that come

Or make a way to rush through blood

They leave the anguish; and I keep

A part of it; for times when life

Acts rude and runs beyond the lines

We draw to keep it, calm and cold

The rules to tame it down when raw

But I must let you know that thee

In emptiness of heart ´were bred

And deep in darkened soul you live

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April 23rd, 2010 by hmalik

When wombs can’t bear the love

And the rose plants empty twigs

Despite the spring and June

When poets are out of words

And the singers just go silent

Despite their dearly tune

When the clouds can’t give no rains

And the earth can’t live of thirst

And the time might stray on a dune

When the feelings die of choking

When the skies go grey with sun

And the wolf is wake of moon

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April 19th, 2010 by hmalik

We who go with heartbeat

Seldom turn and look back

Feel so stuffed at times

As if made of stone

We who love and hate

And believe in feelings

Often cry in darkness

As we dance alone

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April 15th, 2010 by hmalik

Yes, she threw the pebbles

So that she could prove

She was also there

This was just a groove

May be two and half

Or perhaps three

She was old enough

Putting through her plea

You the happy gang

How could you ignore?

She was laughing though;

But she must implore

You could give a smile

Or could say a ‘hi’

She would do the same

And would say good bye

But you were engrossed 

In your happy world

And you noticed not

Yes you never heard

That she called on you

May be 20 time

O you singing girls

Who were lost in rhyme

Oh you gorgeous youth

She was also there

Lovely, as you are

Free as much as air

And to join you beauties

She could find no way

But to throw the pebbles

Or to say ‘hej hej’

Take it as her love

And her praise for you

You will do the same

Someday; it is true

If ever ignored

Or be left alone

You, who are, no kids

You will go for stones

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I So Adore Thy Lovely Acts

April 13th, 2010 by hmalik

Oh lovely kid

Who sings and plays

With all the nonsense

Of the life

Spread all around

As if a web

All knit by humans

(Crook fellows)

I so adore thy lively acts

Oh lovely kid

Who sings and plays

Despite that weather

Has been rough

Despite that days

Have been so grey

And nights have been

So cold and dark

But you don’t give

A damn to it

I so adore thy lively acts

You make me laugh

You make me smile

You make me live

Through lonely miles

I so adore thy lively acts

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From My Patio

April 9th, 2010 by hmalik

When night extends her wings

With all the stars and moon

To soothe the aching bodies

To calm the troubled souls

I wake the nights away

And wait for sun to rise

To get my part of life

From countless, youthful rays

I often stand in patio

(In darkness and in light)

With open arms and think

Could I be dark as nights?

And yet can shine like sun

To soothe my love with darkness

To breed the life as days

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Death of an Artist

April 1st, 2010 by hmalik

Death of the art

Or that of the artist

Is other than bearable

May be not to humans

But to the world;

To the singing birds

To the shining sun

To the rays of moon

To the shores and oceans

To the gloomy evenings

And to brightest mornings

To the broken wings

Of the butterflies

To the vast horizon

And to the blue skies

All of them remorse

(but the heartless beings)

When an artist dies

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February 18th, 2010 by hmalik

The darkness is creepy

And so are the fingers

Molesting a body

(an unknown body)

Violating the flesh

Deriving the pleasure

Escorting libido

In traces of dress

(the music is loud)

And then there is silence

For whole of the days

To build up again

Recapture the strength

And go for a voyage

In land of the darkness

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February 9th, 2010 by hmalik

Peace prevails to carry

Each and every heart

To the unseen heaven

For a better start

Love is there to soothe

Lonely and deprive

Life a fairy tale  

In an old archive

Happiness and joy

Helen to the troy

Not a soul be killed

Not an eye should cry

Not a single homeless

In the streets of town

Those who built the castle

Let them have the crown

Let them write the verses

Let them sing the songs

Let them paint the canvas

Let them fix the wrong

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