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Who am I?  

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I am an author and social entrepreneur who lives on two Swedish islands. During the working year I live on the island of Lovö just outside of Stockholm. It is connected to the city by roads and bridges in contrast to my summer island which is further out in the same inland lake system, Lake Mälar. 

My summer island, which is a tiny wilderness  where I once lived full time with my husband and twins for a decade, has been the inspirational source of many things for me.  Here the compelling environment urged me not to be afraid to take the chance to appreciate time and space. This is something I think many of us are afraid of today. In our modern society the hounds are always at the door, so to speak, ready to devour any spare time and space that we might be thinking of stashing away for ourselves. Our existence on this island during all of the years of full time life there was full of risk but so is all of life and that is the way we saw it. 

Today I understand that an island is not the getaway that everyone makes it out to be. An island is life in a microcosm. In these places, there is an opportunity to know the world in all of its fine detail, to experience change and to acknowledge things that we try to ignore in the big wide world. On an island success is the flourishing of the whole, not the temporary rise of individuals. The knowledge that things will pass is ever-present on an island and there is peace in that too.You can learn more about my projects at www.julielindahl.com and visit www.nordicwellbeing.com for my e-magazine. My latest book is available at www.lettersfromtheisland.com/. My stories of an unexpected decade lived on an isolated island will be out later in 2010. You can keep in touch with me at Facebook or Twitter.

Why am I writing this blog? 

I write my blog with the purpose of sharing my experience of living on two Swedish islands with people in many parts of the world. What hopefully will emerge from this is a feeling of commonality: that our wants and needs are not so different and that we can help one another along in the daily struggle to grasp time and space, and to experience life with all of our senses. 

What can you expect to read about on my blog? 

In this blog I want to share with you my many adventures, projects and thoughts and always know together that there is an anchor grounding us through the ups and downs; an island of our thoughts, if you like. I hope to hear from you often.

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