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21 year old Swede living and studying (BA Journalism, Media and Sociology) in Cardiff, UK. Originally from Stockholm. Loves food, to travel and my dear friends.

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‘Are there many foreigners in Sweden?’

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

I’m all alone in the house for the weekend as both of my housemates have left Cardiff. One is celebrating her friend’s birthday and the other is going on a volleyball tournament in Warwick. But it’s not too bad to be alone. I’m one of those who can actually enjoy being alone sometimes. Then it’s possible to do whatever I’d like. I have so many things to do at the moment, so I really need to focus. I need to apply for work experience and for postgraduate diplomas as well as do uni work. It’s hard to be a third year student…

Anyway, when I went to my local Co-operative shop tonight the cashier said something which I didn’t know how to react to. First he asked me if I was healthy because of the things I bought (soup, veggies, milk, eggs etc.), I replied ‘Well, I’m trying ‘at least. Then he asked me where I was from and after the regular questions (I’m from Sweden… Are you from Stockholm or Gothenburg?), he asked me whether there are many foreigners in Sweden. I didn’t how I would respond. It’s quite hard to give the ‘right’ answer, I feel that I can neither say yes or no. It comes out wrong, especially as he seemed to think negatively of foreigners as he mumbled something. I get so uncomfortable when someone asks me that kind of question. Well, there are not only ‘ethnic Swedes’ who live in Sweden. Not everyone is blonde. And why would you even ask someone that question?  I guess it is also a question of how he formulated himself, I don’t think I would have reacted the same way if he had said ‘are there many immigrants in Sweden?’. That is another word which opens up another discussion. The discussion about foreigners and immigrants are much harsher here in the UK. Compared to Sweden, the theme ‘I’m not racist, but…’ is much more common among people here.

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Last year at uni and soon to be a graduate!

Friday, October 26th, 2012

Hello there!

I’m back in Cardiff now for my third and final year. It feels weird that this might be my last year as a student. Life as a graduate feels quite distant, but I have to admit that I look forward to it. It’s something I’ve been waiting for since my first day as a student in Cardiff. It will be so exciting to rent the gown, to attend the ceremony and celebrate with my friends and family. The university released the dates of the ceremonies last week, so I’ll be graduating on July 16th. I guess ‘real life’ begins after that date, but what happens then? I’m currently organizing my applications for postgraduate diplomas for journalism. My first hand choice will be Cardiff University (their diploma is really good and high ranked, but it would also feel quite ‘safe’ to stay another year, at least), but I will apply to other universities as well. I’d like a career in news journalism in the UK so I have for that reason decided to stay in the country.

So I was wondering whether any of you have any experience with NCTJ accredited courses, which universities are good and do you have any advice regarding this? Would be great to get some advice!

Me, just now in a staircase at a hotel, I’m in Llandudno in North Wales at the moment. Snowdonia is so nice!

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Back in Stockholm

Friday, May 11th, 2012

What the heck was I thinking when I decided to take the late evening flight from London to Stockholm. It arrived at half 12 Swedish time and I had to go up at eight for a job interview… And my trip to Heathrow wasn’t the smoothest either. My bus from Cardiff was supposed to arrive 40 minutes before the bus to the airport would depart. Due to traffic jams going into London I had to take a later bus to Heathrow. This meant I nearly missed my flight! All I was thinking was “I can’t miss it, I got to go home tonight!”

My first day in Stockholm has been quite good. The job interview went alright, then me and my boyfriend borrowed my dad’s car and went for a drive. Feels like it’s much warmer here compared to Cardiff. Then the day ended with dinner at my mum’s place.


Lovely spring colours at Gärdet.


It was so nice to hang out with my boyfriend again!


We’re taking care of my boyfriend’s dog Jekku this weekend!

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Update from a rainy Cardiff

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

Imagine the relief I felt yesterday when I had submitted two of my essays. There was no anxiety over what grade I’ll get, just pure relief. Those were the heaviest course work, social theory and psychology and social behaviour… I have one more essay to write, but it isn’t due until next Friday which is almost like a lifetime for a student haha.

And guess what! I’m going back to Stockholm tomorrow. I have a job interview on Friday so I’m traveling back earlier than expected. Then I’ll stay there a month, then go back to Cardiff in June for a week for my exam. I’m looking forward to a Swedish summer, though I hope the weather will be better this year. I’m also trying to get my Cardiffian house mates to come and visit me. I’m so lucky to have such good friends in both Cardiff and in Stockholm. :-)

What else then? I have an interview for a position within the media in a couple of hours. I don’t want to jinx it so I’ll let you know the details later. Would be so fun if I get it though!


A picture from the Welsh Varsity last week. Cardiff won against Swansea!

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How can people stand living in a damp and mouldy house?

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

Whilst friends back in Sweden are posting on Facebook and Instagram of how much they are enjoying the sun, I’m not attempting to step outside the house today. It’s such a nasty (Welsh) weather, it’s raining and seems to be quite windy. No, way better to stay in my comfy bed and work here instead. There are now only a few weeks left of second year, can’t believe how fast it’s gone.

Though, I’m actually looking forward to move to a new house and leave the old one behind. All the problems are getting on my nerves. One of our fridges is not working, we’ve got mould in the living room and the bathroom and I’m also suspecting there might be some behind my closets. What is it with British houses; how come damp and mould are so common here? How can people stand it? My house mates are not too fussed about it, they’re saying: “Oh, it’s because it’s a student house.” No, that’s not true in any way, or partly perhaps as many student houses only keep the heating on for a couple of hours per day. But the major reason for these kinds of problems is how the house is built, or am I wrong? And the landlords doesn’t seem to care either, maybe they just want the money. Our new house is a bit smaller but it feels more like a home. It has a proper garden, a light and good sized kitchen and a really nice lounge with dark wooden flooring. Let’s just hope that house will have smaller and less problems…

Our mouldy bathroom… The landlords have been here on house viewings so they must have seen it, but they haven’t done anything about it.

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Thoughts about my time at DI

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

I’m obviously not the best blogger as I’m letting days go past before I post another blog post… There have been so much to do though and too little time. Although the ‘amount of time’ is debatable, it’s more about what you choose to prioritise I guess. My boyfriend always complains when I spend ‘too much’ time on reading blogs, he says it is damaging to the brain cells. Even though I’m mostly trying to convince him he’s wrong he could have a point. Instead of reading a meaningless (some are actually quite uninteresting when you think about it) blog I could have been writing my own texts. There are so many things that I have attempted to blog about, for instance the Breivik trial. I have so many opinions about it, mostly regarding whether it should be broadcasted live or not, but let’s save that for another post…

My Easter break in Stockholm was (to describe it in ‘Welsh’/Cardiffian’ terms) just lush. Although I didn’t get to do everything or see everyone I’d hoped for I’m really satisfied. My ‘favourite’ week must have been the days I spent at Dagens Industri. It was so inspiring and beneficial to get an insight and take part of an editorial/news office. I learned so much from doing practical tasks, I got to do research, interviews and I wrote a couple of articles. I’ve never really understood the importance of work experience until now. It’s more than a way of building a network; it’s also an opportunity to get an idea of how the profession works in the ‘field’ and not just in theory. Before I came to DI I doubted whether I really want to work as a journalist in the future. I experienced something similar to an epiphany during my work experience and afterwards I felt clearer than ever. Of course I should aim at a career in journalism. Anyhow, my biggest ‘job’ at DI was that I got to co-write the article about the blog queen Isabella Löwengrip. The article got quite good response and I felt so proud of seeing my name in print. If that’s not an ‘egoboost’, what is?

By the way, I’ve recently become obsessed with Instagram. So here’s some recent photos. My nickname is ‘marylinandi’ if you want to follow me.

Dagens Industri’s lounge.

The weather in Stockholm was quite mad. It suddenly started snowing one day..

A beautiful sunset seen from my boyfriend’s apartment.

Went back to Cardiff where spring had arrived. But it rains a lot :/.

Me studying at the library.. One essay soon complete, two to go..

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Work experience at Dagens Industri

Monday, April 16th, 2012

Took a break from everything over Easter and then I had to focus on my essay in social psychology (why I haven’t been present at the blog). I’ve just started a new and fun week here in Stockholm. Reason for that is that I’ve got the opportunity to do some work experience at Sweden’s biggest financial newspaper, i.e. Dagens Industri. I’m going to be here until Friday and I really hope I’ll gain quite a lot of experience, advice and inspiration. As well as an opportunity to do some actual journalistic work. Some of the reporters and supervisors have said that I can perhaps write an article even today. Yes please!

I just got a task to do, quite exciting! :)

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Last night in Ã…re

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

I always tend to forget how fun it is to ski until the two last days.. We’ve had such a fun couple of days up here although the weather hasn’t been that great. It’s been snowing a lot as well as windy. But I prefer a lot of snow compared to mushy snow (like sorbet or icecream…) in the slopes. Would have been nice with a sunny day though.

Traveling back to Stockholm tomorrow really feels like going back to reality. I have three essays to write which will take a while to do. So I’ll probably spend all next week at the Stockholm University’s library. At least they have microwaves close by so I’ll be able to eat properly. This is a luxury for a student! Leaving beautiful Ã…re for a heavy study week feels a bit depressing.. Well, at least the essay topics are interesting!


How it looked at the top yesterday. About 12 metres/s and a really bad sight. It was almost difficult to see where you were going. Though, this kind of weather is amazing in some way too.

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Skiing in Ã…re

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

I didn’t spend more than two nights in Stockholm before I took the train towards Ã…re. I’ve been here since Sunday morning and  been busy skiing down the slopes. It took like a day to get into the rhythm again, but now I don’t mind some speed. 😉 Ã…re is definitely my favorite skiing resort due to the fact that there’s something for everyone here. The pits are amazing, there’s a good variety of restaurants and shops and the scenery is spectacular. Plus it’s possible to live close both to the slopes and to the village. I really recommend going here.

We’ve just had lunch at FjällgÃ¥rden and are about to hit the slopes again. We’d like to go to the top but the wind has been measured at 11.1 metres/s so it’s quite heavy up there.


Åre lake

The view from our apartment :-).

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Last day in Cardiff

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

The thing that I love with Cardiff (and the UK) is that spring always arrives early. Though I’m not sure if it counts as spring when it’s warmer than 18-20°C. Everything becomes so much nicer and it’s like people start ‘living again’. Too bad I’m going home to a colder Stockholm for Easter tomorrow. I look forward going home so much though. If you’ve been living abroad for a longer period, you’ll understand that there’s nothing like going home.

I’ve had a great last day in Cardiff. I went horseback riding where we got to try a bit of cross-country. That was so much fun! Before I hadn’t done any proper jumping in perhaps seven years. It’s also my housemate’s 21st so think we’re going out. Feels like a perfect way of spending my last day in Cardiff.


I do miss my beloved Stockholm

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