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A real view of the Milky Way

July 19th, 2010 by merick

I’m on my way back from a local pub from downtown with my dog. It’s walking distance to the home I currently reside. I look up and am amazed, like a million diamonds being poured upon our planet the clearest view of the stars I have yet seen. Right above my home is a view of the life time. See, our galaxy was named by the Romans because a line in the sky looks like a milky path across our view of the universe.
What that milky path really is is one of those distant legs of spirals , see, our planet is on a leg of a spiral, and the neighboring spiral millions of light years is what that milky way view is.
In Sweden days can go on forever, long days, but here in a town near downtown Murphys California the night is as evenful for astronomers as anywhere. Right above my town there is a magic of the likes I have never seen before in my entire life. It is our neighboring leg of that spiral as dazzling as fireworks as clear as the moon shining on the ocean at night.
This town needs a few extra things, stemers at restaurants that make cold mist on hot summer days. Some charm and tradition for the snow and ski resorts. However, the views and the sky is a masterpiece.

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California Dreaming – a Little new Sweden in Cali

July 19th, 2010 by merick

I live in a land with rolling hills, abundant flowers, impressive peaks, ski resorts, but no swedish pancakes, in California?
For now atleast, I’m just a man with a dream . I drive by open meadows and wonderful  views daily, I imagine a wonderful amazing lake with floating seeds from flowers and a morning mist evaporting from the morning dew. I imagine men and woman in bikinis and swimsuits tanning and swimming off the diving platform. But where oh where are the swiss chalets, and the modern architecture that is needed to fully enjoy the nordic experience within California. where are the steamers to cool the hot sun and the pepiole who know how to enjoy that sun and the traditional weddings that are such a simple possibility?
Of late my only experience with Swedish people in America has been a stage dive with plastic love dolls called “Lovely Lindas” to the song, plastic fantastic lover by Jefferson Airplane. This is unnacaptable, I tell you. Let’ start a new community, integration yes, California dreamin ! yes! Let’s start a new sweden, a new stokholm, somewhere between Downtown Murphys California and Arnold California, even enjoy Sonora California and Colombia it’s historical Neighbor. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssseeeee? Anybody want to start a new town Let me know, Caligriller @ Twitter or

Anyways, What are these places? Downtown Murphy’s and Sonora is a quaint yet beautiful area full of charachter. In this area one of the most popular men in Amarica once resided to write his books. Mark Twain famous for his sarchasm comedy and literature, he was once quoted as saying “I never let my schooling interfere with my education”. The vacation destination Club Med was once a local resort up highway 4. When I drive up now therea are accents, areas, meadows and mountains with lakes with serious similarities to Sweden. I can see over the horizon a little town here at night in my dreams, the emergence of population of swedish mixed with locals right between downtown murphys and Arnold. Local ski resort less than 40 minutes up a mostly straight road. The elevation goes from 2000 feet to 6000 feet in a half an hour. The prices for homes vary, $200,000 right now get’s a serious piece of history, a victorian in Downtown Sonora that needs renovation, and in murphy’s arnold and sonora, a brand new home or a small yet quaint manor house. But it needs some charm, some steamy misters that spray cold mist in the hot summer sun, modern architecture mixed with swiss and swedish accents and communities are alive somewhere in a silver rain, or a reflection on the brief snow that lasts only an afternoon at this elevation.

Yes I recently moved up to this area of California from the big city, my whole family did this exodus. Three different homes in the family up here now, infact. Some people say, someday- ,…    I live that day, today. This area has a mirage, that in your dreams, in quantum reality, in perhaps the future isn’t necessarily a mirage at all, but a real vision of weddings around flowered white dressed polles and streamers, of  dancing bridesmades.

For the skepticts I say it doesn’t take much, it only takes one architect with a vision, a few constructed homes, a few small yet charming commercial restaurants and shops and bakeries and a city is born with all the lifestyle all the perks of a small ski village. Anyways, for know I live with that dream, but it is kept alive somewhere, somehow in the night, in the day some quantum reality perhaps, anything that can exist does, and it does somehow. This is my testimony.

In a more intense way adventure, for the hard core enthusiests, overnight ten tourist helicopters drop over a plot of land recently purchased, like a scene out of a HD movie, people in swimsuits and bikins drop in over a diving platform for a full day of partying. Overnight, these people come in get a tan and establish a community of partygoers and builders. The ropes from the helicopter stop just above the water for a ten foot drop into the water, fun yes, adrenallin junkies yes! The tourist helicopters depart, beer commericals are a go and the community has just closed escrow and begins construction at dawn from pitched tents and a truck that arrives like a telivision show in HD. IN a single week this recently purchased land has a community of two new homes, a restaurant and a bake shop/ski shop. Even a white flowered post for dancing and a weddings. Who knows, did it happen? Does it happen? When did this happen? I don’t know it just did and that is something I love indelibly.
See this video
All I know is it happened, now it’s our turn to catch up.

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