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SAS A Distans with nti skolan Complete!

Whilst it may have appeared that I disapperared from here into the abyss – I have actually an update to make!

In march, I once more began my mission to complete my swedish courses, and enrolled through my kommun to do Swedish as a foreign language A or Svenska som andra språk A (now confusingly known as 1 or 1b I think).  I decided with a young daughter that studying through a distance course was the way to go – and chose to do the course in 10 weeks which is classified as 50%.

I was very impressed with the course, though some aspects of the weblearning could have been improved (and using skype instead of phone calls could have worked really well too).  My tutor was easily accessible and perhaps because I’m better at communicating online, I had a better working relationship with her than any of my previous swedish teachers in the flesh so to speak.

The course comprised of roughtly following through two books on a week by week schedule (form i fokus C, and Språkportalen), along with weekly tests to be done on fridays, occasional oral assessments over the phone, and every few weeks written assignments.  I also read a book, and three short stories, from which 2 assignments came.

In the begining I was pretty organised and it went very well. I had a slight dip around the middle of the course, but managed to get ahead again by the end. The teacher was very flexible though, and very helpful.

I’d totally recommend distance learning through nti, though sadly my kommun has stopped offering their courses, so I’m going to hopefully be studying SAS B as an evening course… wish me luck!

If you have any questions about SAS A, please feel free as ever to ask in the comments!

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2 responses to “SAS A Distans with nti skolan Complete!”

  1. abercrombie says:

    Questo è il blog ideale per chi vuole conoscere su questo argomento. Sai tanto la sua quasi difficile discutere con te (non che io davvero vorrei … haha). È sicuramente messo una nuova rotazione su un tema thats scritto per anni. Grandi cose, semplicemente fantastico!

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  2. Daughter, Yingying character is very introverted, very few words, her English is very bad,at school are afraid to speak up.

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